I bought this at a consignment store

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  1. I just got this at a consiment store. Is it real or fake? it looks beautiful in person! and hard to tell! anyone who can spot a fake from far away? LOL let me know what you guys think. thanks
    PIC_0535.JPG PIC_0536.JPG

    it is preloved
  2. Well, it's hard to tell from those pics. Can you take a pic of the Louis Vuitton printing inside the bag, and also on the hanging piece? Also what is the date code inside the bag?
  3. ok, I am leaving to get my nails done but when I get back, I'll take more pics. where do I find the date code in this bag?
  4. date code is inside along the seam of the inside pocket.

    what about a pic of the underside of the zipper pull.. the screws there.. how many points ?

    Something bout the bag doesnt look right, but i cant put my finger on it.. it might be the lighting ?
  5. The colours look a little "off" to me, but I agree, that could be the lighting
  6. I think its a good fake.....the blues dont look navy same with the pink....they should be a rather HOT pink
  7. Sorry, it a fake.
  8. I'm no expert, but I suspect that it's a fake, too. I'm comparing it to the eluxury picture. The pink LV's on the consigment bag don't look dark enough. If anything, they should look even darker in the consignment picture, since the picture has a lot less light. The eluxury pink LV's look "hot pink"...the consignment LV's look peachy-pastel pink." And the green LV's look too light. And I don't see any little yellow flowers on the consignment bag.:sad:


  9. fake. but enjoy it if you love it!
  10. do you have a LV store you can send it to to have it authenticated??? How much did you pay?
  11. Check when it was made. I bought my multi-colors when they first came out in 2002 (I think that is the year.) My colors are slightly different from their current selection, but I bought mine at a LV store overseas and have the receipts to prove it. I believe the sales people in Beverly Hills mentioned that the coloring was changed after the first batch was made.
  12. Spring/Summer Collection 2003
    Murakami Multicolor
  13. taking new pics now! post em in a min.
    i'm going to find better lighting. I bought it at a consignment shop locally, if it's fake I can take it back and get my money back. :smile:
  14. Take it back to the consignment shop - it is definitely a fake. The color sequencing is off, it's quite apparent on the bottom row. Also, the fuchsia and berry LVs are only slightly different in color - in your photo the top LV is quite pale. The studs on the brass corners are also too large, and the monogram is not properly aligned around the brass corners (see the elux picture for the correct alignment).
  15. Fake. It should be 32 colors hun.

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