I bought this $350 crystal bezel watch for $25, wanna see it?!

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  1. #1 Sep 21, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2012
    A few months ago I didn't own any Coach watches and now I own 3 of them! They are great watches but the best part is that I didn't pay full price for any of them!

    In June I bought a white stainless steel Andee Boyfriend watch w930 from the boutique store. It was reduced and I had a PCE so I got it for $150 (MSRP = $258). I really loved the watch so earlier this month I bought a matching black stainless steel Andee Boyfriend watch w930 for just $89 from the Movado outlet, thanks to very timely heads-up from 4vryng!

    And now I own a beautiful, new to me, Crystal Bezel Stainless Steel Boyfriend Watch w903! This watch is currently available in the Coach boutiques and on the web site for $348 but mine only cost $25 - thanks to a very lucky buy and great customer service from my Coach boutique!

    I bought the used crystal bezel watch for only $25 total because it didn't work! The seller was rather vague and said that "it needs parts and I don't have the warranty." The asking price was $50 but I figured it would be better to put the $50 toward a new watch that actually worked and came with a warranty. I decided I could take a chance on a broken watch only if it was very, very cheap so I made a $25 offer and it was accepted!

    Below are pics of my new crystal bezel boyfriend watch, it came with the coach box, brochure, and the extra link (it just didn't work!) I am also wearing my Coach Sandy Beach Stack Ring from last year.

    Also below are pics of my new and growing Coach watch collection! My total expense (with taxes and shipping) for all 3 watches was just $289, that works out to only $96 per watch - now I just need to find gold and rosegold watches!

    I will explain how I got the watch fixed in the next message.

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    I took the broken $25 watch to the Coach boutique and explained to the manager that I bought it from a "friend of a friend". I said that I would like to find out if it could be fixed and if so, how much would it cost? She was very nice and kindly waived the $20 fee and sent it in to the Movado repair center for evaluation.

    After a few weeks I hadn't heard anything so I called the repair center. The guy I talked with told me that it "needed a new movement" and asked for proof of purchase for warranty repair. I told him I didn't have any paperwork and asked how much it would cost to have it repaired without the warranty - but he refused to tell me! He said that he could only talk to the Coach store that had sent it in!

    I called the store and talked with a different manager. He was also very nice and said he would check on it. He called back and left a message saying that he had authorized the repairs and that the store would cover the expense! Wasn't that nice?!

    I picked it up today and I don't know how much the repairs actually cost, but my total out-of-pocket expense was just $25 for this beautiful, valuable watch! While I was in the store I saw the exact same watch on display for $348!

    Below is a drill down photo of the watch that Mang0 kindly helped me retrieve and also the current ad from the Coach website.

    And while I was posting watch pics I couldn't resist adding few shots of my new manicure! I had my nails done today and the very talented technician used a Gelish Magnetic No Chip Polish that is so cool.

    She just held a magnet over my finger while the polish was still wet and the metallic flakes in the polish polarized into little waves! I had her do the wave pattern on both my ring fingers and big toes and I love the effect, it's such fun! The color is called Electric Metal Lover! I think it looks great with my Coach ring and stunning new watch!

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  3. Wow, that is super nice that the store authorized the repairs! What a beautiful watch! Congrats! I love them all. And your manicure is lovely --- those waves are cool!
  4. great watches!!! I love what you did with your nails! I have the blue magnetic polish and did all my nails with the magnet. I like how you did an accent nail ~ it looks great!!!
  5. Great Watch!!! Awesome price~
    Very cute ring!!! I love your nails too!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  6. Great thread!! so happy the watch got fixed at no extra cost!! This is why we love Coach products...mostly great customer service! Your nails are so pretty!
  7. Nice! Very cool they took care of that for you! It's a beautiful watch.
  8. Lovely!
  9. What a great deal the watch turned out to be! Love the new watch and the whole collection you have now.
  10. Thanks, I am wearing the new watch right now and so pleased to have gotten it for such a great deal!
  11. Thanks! I would like to write to Coach corporate to praise the boutique staff but I am afraid that they will get into trouble for taking care of the repair costs for me!
  12. That is just wonderful. Congrats!
  13. Beautiful watch! Now how do you do so much purse rehab with longer nails? :smile: I always feel like I am going to scratch the purses, so I keep mine short! They look great though!
  14. Wow!!! Gorgeous watch, incredible customer service and such pretty nails!
  15. Thanks! I try to be careful and sometimes I wear gloves while rehabbing - but not when I am conditioning.