I bought this..........15% off from bloomingdales....

  1. sorry... I coudln't take pic of mine so I'm just posting some other website that has the pic..

    I bought this one yesterday....My roomie bought the beautiful beautiful white classic caviar white w/ jewel chain!!

  2. oooh, the le marais? how pretty! congrats! :p
  3. love the flap! congrats! even better with a discount!
  4. How did you get the 15% off???

    Beautiful bag!!!
  5. nice bag!
  6. It's very pretty, and getting it 15% off is a great deal. Congrats!!
  7. I have that one! How'd you get it 15% off?! Good deal! congrats!
  8. Maybe she started a new bloomingdale's account? 15% off is fantastic! Congrats. :yes:
  9. Lovely!!
  10. Lovely metallic.
  11. Nice, congrats!
  12. nice bag. congrats!!
  13. Thx. My friend opened the bloomie account while she was buying that white caviar, I bought my bag w/ her account, so we both got 15 % off. it was 1795, and I paid a little less than 1650 including tax !
  14. Stunning bag and what an excellent deal!
  15. Great deal on a fabulous bag!