I bought the nylon chevron Prada bag with the chunky gold chain. PIX!!!

  1. Sorry I don't know the exact name of the bag. Anyway I just got it over the weekend! It was "ONLY" $695. It just seems so cheap to me since lately I have been buying Chanel. The bag is nylon but the chain has leather interwoven. It's not that big of a bag lookswise but it fits sooo much stuff!!! I love it!

    I was deciding between this color and the dark green. They also had black, brown and royal purple. What do ya think? Sorry I am so under dressed for the photo hehe ;)
    prada.jpg prada2.jpg prada3.jpg prada4.jpg prada5.jpg
  2. I love it! Congratulations!
  3. Holycow!! Thanx for the pix!!!! Love it---Congrats!!!!!
  4. I beleive that is the CRISPY line from PRADA
  5. I've seen it in black and dark brown on Bluefly and have been very tempted to grab one! Looks good!
  6. Gorgeous bag! Perfect size, delicious color! Love it! Congratulation!!!
  7. Oh yummy...where did you get it?
  8. I got mine from Saks. They had my color, black and green. Then at Neimans they had my color, black, brown and purple. :yes:
  9. congrats! great bag!
  10. Um wow, that is gorgeous!! :drool: I think I just found my next purchase :heart: Enjoy!
  11. Very cute and a good size!
  12. I love this.

  13. I LOVE it! That is a real pretty nylon. Is that the burgundy? I was confused about the colors online..
  14. what a fabulous bag~!!!
  15. Yeah it's burgundy. It's even nicer in person!!!!!