I bought the most wanted Epi bag!!! *pics*

  1. So after a long hunt for this Epi piece, i finally found it. It's gorgeous and i'm really excited. :yahoo: I got it about a month ago but haven't had a chance to show it to you guys. Can you guess what it is? :love:

    Edit: I added the pictures to the thread. ~Vlad
    JasminBox.jpg JasminFedExBox.jpg JasminDust.jpg Jasmin.jpg Jasmin1.jpg JasminonBox.jpg
  2. pictures not showin =[
  3. I don't see anything either.
  4. :shrugs:
  5. I see it, so pretty! :yahoo:
  6. :shrugs: yeah, where's the picture?
  7. Great choice, it's gorgeous!!!!

    (I couldn't see the pics at first either, but I right clicked on the red "x", selected Properties, and copied/pasted the URL to see the pics)
  8. I don't even see red X's, I have an apple, maybe it won't work for me.....what bag is it?
  9. I can't see it or even a red x...
  10. Wow gorgeous congrats!
  11. sooooo...sooooooooooo pretty
  12. can't see a thing:rant:
  13. I saw them by using Mikans trick
  14. if you copy/paste the link to the red x you'll see the pic.
    otherwise her is the bag

  15. It's gorgeous! That color is beautiful, congratulations!