I bought the LV Cannes and I can’t return it :(

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    Last month I was in Dubai and I bought the Louis Vuitton Cannes bag in monogram. Now I’m back in Cairo and I don’t love it at all. Also my mom didn’t like it and her opinion matters a lot to me.

    I deeply regret buying it and I called Louis Vuitton Dubai mall and they said refund is not possible. Only exchange or store credit if returned within one month. What can I do now? Please help me!

    Should I return it for a store credit? But there isn’t another LV bag that I like with the same price range. Is it possible to resell it online? (Keeping in mind that I live in Egypt). Will I lose a lot of money if I tried to sell it now? Will I lose less if I waited a year or two then sell in online?

    Please guys tell me your advise, as I’m sad about the whole situation since it was a very random decision and I feel that with spending this amount of money I deserve to have a bag I’m absolutely in love with :sad:
  2. Maybe check the prices for which they sold on facebook groups, this way you can get some insight in wheter or not you would want to sell it or return it for store credit.

    The cannes is relatively popular at the moment so you might be able to get all your money back by selling it.
  3. If there's another LV item you want, return for the exchange or store credit. Better make the decision quickly if your window is running out. Even if you could "make money" it may not be worth the hassle of trying to sell it, I'd only go that route if you don't want anything else from LV.
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  4. Unfortunately I only like the Alma BB which is half the price. Or the petite boite chapeau which is double the price ‍♀️
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  5. Thanks for your reply. My only problem is that I live in Egypt so shipping is a hassle for me. But I will check if there is an easy way to sell it other than shipping it to the US.
  6. I would get a store credit. Hold the credit until something else you love comes along.
  7. You probably have some time to use your store credit if you decide for that option, so you can make up your mind what to get a little later if they maybe come up with a new bag that you like :smile: Or you can get the Alma and use the rest of the amount for some SLGs and accessories - LV has great wallets, scarves, bag charms etc. :flowers:
  8. Just get store credit and wait until you find something else.
  9. Most facebook groups have members worldwide.

    Did the return period already pass? Maybe the store management can make an exception if it hasn’t and give you a refund.
  10. I’d get the store credit. If there’s nothing you like now then wait and see what launches later and you can use the store credit then. You mentioned you like the Alma BB. You could get that and an SLG or scarf.
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  11. I would just take the store credit. It's not LV's fault.
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  12. Thanks everyone for your replies! I truly appreciate it :heart:
    So since most of you did not encourage on trying to resell it online. So I will do my best with Louis Vuitton to give me a refund as an exception if possible. If not, then I’ll return it for a store credit since most of you recommended this.
    Much love!
  13. Definitely store credit. For the most part very few new LV bags sell for more than retail when you are reselling. So if you went that route you would definitely take a loss. The store credit shouldn't expire, so you can wait until other items come along. What about gifts, shoes, travel bags, jewelry or accessories?
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  14. Get your store credit and take time deciding what you love. Why make it harder?
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  15. Just return it and get the credit. In the future, You will probably find a piece that you will like.
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