i bought the chelsea and gallery tote

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  1. finally after much discussions whether to get the leather chelsea or the signature gallery tote i bought BOTH. i used my pce and got both babies. i would love to post modelling pics but the problem is i dont know how to.i am sorry but i am a computer illiterate. can anyone please tell me how to?i know i am still living in stone age.please don't laugh at me
  2. go onto photobucket.com and register! Then choose browse on the right side of the screen and go to where you store your pics in your computer and upload them. Resize the pics to message screen size right on the screen....Then you can copy and paste to here! Cant wait to see your pics!!! CONGRATS!!!!
  3. yay! chelsea is the best! can't wait to see pics!!! :tup:
  4. Great bags! Can't wait to see your pics!