I bought the Bubbly Puckered Shopping Chef bag!!!

  1. Yesterday I went the local Fendi butique at the Houston Galleria. My regular SA had called me to let me know that they had renovated the butique and the fall merchandise are in so I came to check that too.

    Anyway..when I first walked in I can't help but notice this black bubbly bag being display on the shelf. I started to touch the leather which so soft and look so yummy. So I asked my SA and she started to explain to me about the bag. Of course after about 30 minutes having the bag on my arms and shoulder, I fell in love and bought it.:p:heart:

    She said only 30 bags available in US stores, and Fendi butique at the galleria only got 2 bags. I am not sure if they will or can get anymore but two people already on the waiting list for the bag.

    I think this bag is unique especially with the lambskin big bubby texture, so light and so comfortable shoulder bag. I love it!

    I took some pics last night after I found my digital camera and some pics this morning with the natural light. I hope DH will be kind enough to pics of me modeling the bag later on..when I am ready lol.

    But without delay..here are my new bubbly puckered shopping chef bag!!! Enjoy!:p
    Natural light03.JPG Natural light02.JPG Bubbly01.JPG Bubbly03.JPG Natural light01.JPG
  2. So gorgeous!!!
  3. i'm loving this bag--it's a great size--congrats!
  4. I absolutely love it... great choice! I saw this bag in person and the leather is absolutely tdf!:love:
  5. Wow...I couldn't find this bag in leather..so I bought it in the jacquard fabric...but I just love...love....your bag....enjoy!!
  6. Thanks ladies!!! I haven't carried her out yet and can't wait to take her out soon!
  7. Congrats, Sweetea! I :love: it! I saw it in the eluxury catalog, and have been drooling ever since.
  8. Oh wow... it looks so squishy! Lucky girl! And it also looks like it can hold a lot of stuff. I just love the relaxed look of it. Congrats Sweetea!
  9. Congrats! Looks like a beautiful bag I would love to see this bag in person. But that wont be happening soon we dont have any kind of Store that carries Fendi:crybaby:Cant wait for more pictures!
  10. Sweetea, I go to the Fendi boutique in Houston too, they just re-did and re-located I remember when I went there this summer...but anyways very cute bag! would love to see modeling pics :o)
  11. Sweetea - what are the dimensions of your bag? Could you post a pic of what the inside looks like? It looks great from the outside. :drool: Thanks!
  12. Thanks for your nice comment guys!!! Sorry for not posting earlier...a bit hectic today..can you believe it? And it is Sunday too!:push:

    No modeling pics yet..so my baby is still in her sleeper. I will try to take pics as soon as I get a chance.

    Jburgh: dimension of the bag..17"x 11"x 6"

    I will post the inside of the bag pics soon.:p

    Alta: Hi there..so you are from Houston? lol..maybe we can meet up sometimes at the galleria. :supacool:
  13. Thanks G!!! I think if you see this baby IRL, you are going to fall in love and you got to have it!:p:heart:
  14. Sweetea: Unfortunately, I don't live in Houston anymore. I used to live there for 3ish years, but I have been doing an internship over the summers there for the past couple years...it feels like home and I LOVE the galleria, all those great shops in one setting esp for us bag lovers!!
  15. Congrats!