I bought the book and got my speedy stamped!!!!!!

  1. I am SOOOO excited!!!! I bought The Birth of Modern Luxury book and got my Epi speedy stamped with my initials today. Check out the pictures!!!!!!

    I LOVE the book! The pictures are amazing! Good thing I don't have any more school work to do...:biggrin: !!!

    Since I went right when the store opened, it only took them 10 minutes (if not less) to stamp it. However, when I first came in and asked how long it would take, the SA said, "it usually takes one week". OK...NOT what I wanted to hear. So, I asked her to find out if it could be done today! Luckily, the person that was doing all the stamping wasn't busy, so he/she took it right away. I love the way it came out!!!! I got silver letters because I wanted them to match the silver harware on the bag. I thought of stamping my initials on the zipper tab instead of the bottom of the handle but I figured that I would be touching the tab a lot and the paint would come off faster. Also, the tab would not fit all three letters.

    Let me know what you think!!!!!
    Wrapped LV book.1.JPG LV book in the open box.1.JPG LV book!.1.JPG LV book without dust jacket.1.JPG initials up-close.1.JPG
  2. Stunning! Love the stamp and the book!
  3. Very nice!!
  4. SO NICE!!!:love:
  5. The Stamp Is Gorgeous!!! & Congratulations On The Book!!!!!
  6. Ohhhh! Very pretty! I love your bag and stamping!

    Is this the same cover as before? I think I would like the book too. Especially if there are lots of fab LV pics inside.

    I can put them next to all of hubby's war/Marine books! :smile: giggle.
  7. Thank you everyone!
  8. Nice!:love:
  9. I Love it!
  10. So so cool!! Congrats!
  11. Congrats. She's a beauty!
  12. Congrat! I love the way the stamp turned out. It makes me want to stamp my speedy too. :heart:
  13. Very nice!I have the book as well and I love it.
  14. I know you will luv the Book. I have a epi speedy black 30, do they do it in gold stamping? Do you mind telling me the cost per initial?
  15. I think that looks great! And good choice of location!

    I'm not a fan of putting initials on the Muse...so I was surprised that I like this. I think it makes your bag even more special.