I bought the Beige Cerf today--it is on the truck to me!

  1. I am not sure I will keep it though. I am still misering some NM gift cards to use at the trunk show--maybe. This is 3 Chanel bags in 2 months--not as fabulous as 4 in one week (vipstyle), but Wow! Am I crazy?! I am going to have to start ebaying the LVs :yes:
  2. Congrats Leem! I :heart: Cerf totes! You should keep it. I have one in beige & one pink and they are the most useful bags you will ever own.
  3. :yes: 3 in 2 months NOT BAD AT ALL

    I LOVE THE Beige Cerf bag..That is my next bag...out of the 4 bags coming if for SOME reason I don't like one of them I am going to return one for the cerf,,(I was really going to buy that today instead of the Pat.Navy ) but I wanted my EGC money and the Pat. took me to the next money level KWIM??)

    and YES THAT IS WHAT I AM DOING ebaying my LV's:yes: This way I don't feel so bad..

    PLEASE post pictures ASAP when you receive it:yahoo:
  4. Wooohoo!! Congrats!!!

    The cerf tote is gorgeous and the beige is such a great color for the tote! I cant wait till you receive it!