I bought the Azzardo deerskin hobo (plus I have a pic of a Regent Campana)

  1. Well, I went to Saks today and they had the BV Azzardo deerskin hobo that I've been thinking about, and I decided to buy it after all. Azzardo is a beautiful emerald or bottle green, not bright or brassy at all, although its difficult to photograph. The NM pic below is relatively true to life, depending on the lighting. The deerskin is extremely smooshy, and the bag is light as a feather; it is very drape-y over the shoulder.

    Meanwhile, BV earlier had sent me the below pic of a Campana in Regent. It ends up that Regent is that soft sage sort of color that we've seen in some other pics (?????). It is a bit light for my taste. Ultimately, I'd like to get a Campana--and a Roma too--but in more classic colors like Ebano and Noce.




    (This is the Regent Campana pic from BV)
    BV1.JPG BV2.JPG BV from NM.jpg Regent Campana.jpg
  2. LOVE your new bag! I love green too and the one you got is the "perfect" kinda green!
  3. ^I totally agree, this green looks so deep and luscious, it´s a beautiful color. And I can imagine how soft and smooshy the deerskin feels! Congrats, Cosmopolitan, for taking the plunge and ending up with such a gorgeous BV!
  4. ooh, i think the regent is really pretty.
  5. Congratulations! Your bag looks like a gleaming gem!! And the rope handle is so elegant. You made a great choice ~ I know you'll enjoy it for years to come!
  6. Beautiful! Congratulations on the new handbag. This green is a nice colour and the leather looks divine. :yes:
  7. Cosmopolitan-congrat's on your beautiful new bag. my sister has this deepskin hobo in nero and loves it. it is so soft and easy to use. holds a lot while still easy to find everything. i love the mix of woven and non woven skin as well as the braid handle. enjoy the bag-i'm sure you'll love it.
  8. Congrats on your new green BV! The color in your photos is so beautiful, such a deep gorgeous green. I'm glad you didn't go for the campana based on the picture. I think the campana is best in neutral/classic colors like ebano and nero (or limo like mine!). Enjoy your bag, especially as it gets softer and smooshier the more you wear it!
  9. Congrats on your decision and your beautiful emerald bv. :yahoo:

    The green is so luscious in your photos and a much better representation than NM pics. Enjoy! :tup:
  10. your deerskin hobo is soooooo soft! it has such a beautiful slouch on it already! i am so glad that you decided to get it.

    the shade of green is TDF! congratz on your new purchase!
  11. Delicious shade of green! Congrats!
  12. Yummy green. And the deerskin is very durable and soft at the same time. Good choice! :tup:
  13. Congrats!!!

    Love cervo, wear it good health!
  14. Congrats, what a lovely emerald green, Enjoy and wear in good health.
  15. Thank you very much, wickedassin, C_24, blugenie, rox_rocks, annie9999, ouija board, Mystiletto, catabie, bete_noire, uclaboi, ms piggy, and Syma! :flowers:

    The color is just so pretty and doesn't fully come across in the pics. It's a very pleasing, wearable, medium shade of green. And yes, the deerskin is divine and very very slouchy. The bag completely collapses when unstuffed. This hobo style is a BIG change of pace for me; I usually prefer satchels or more-structured bags. But a little variety is good, right?

    All of you BV ladies have been so kind and helpful, and I look forward to sharing many more BV purchases with you in the future! :graucho: