I bought the Anna Corinna city tote for 206$!

  1. I bought the bronze AC tote from revolve and got it for 206$!
    I am very pleased about that. It still says they charged me 294 for it..so I hope..it works out? Because I got an email saying it was refunded :s

    Oh well..Im really happy! I orderd the regular size. I just hope customs are nice to me and don't charge to much :sweatdrop:

    I can't wait to get her! I love metallic colored purses :heart:
  2. I ordered the same one and can't wait for it as well. YAY!!
  3. Wow! What a fantastic deal!


    I hope you can post pics when you receive it!
  4. omg, i would love to know how your purchase experience goes for this! i've wanted to purchase from revolve clothing, but i'm afraid of duties! (i'm in canada)! fill me in!!

    and YAY! i would love one of those city totes as well! I wonder if they have a grey?
  5. Yah duties will probably not be funny, but still, it's gonna be worth it - I hope!

    And yes they have a grey on sale on shopbird.com or NO! I just saw it was out of stock..darn it..I checked an hour ago and it was still there..:sad:

    Yes I'll snap some pics when I recive it :smile:
  6. I'm in Canada, and revolveclothing has free shipping and duties shouldn't be more than 20.00. I've never ahd to pay more than that unless it was through UPS or FEDEX. HTH.
  7. I also find ordering from www.lpcollection.com to be extremely expensive since they only ship via Fedex and the brokerage fees are 40.00 so combined with shipping that's like an extra 100.00. I did email them about shipping via USPS but I didn't get a reply. from now on will only order Lp bags elsewhere.

    LabelSpree offers free shipping to Canada and thy marked down the value of my bag so no duties were charged. Love them and super CS as well. It's so hard ordering from Canada, and where I'm from i have to order since we have no nice bags where I'm from.
  8. Enjoy! I love my CIty Tote (got mine last month IRL at Calypso on sale, in snow)!!!!
  9. I ordered one too! I can't wait for it to arrive. :smile:
  10. Which one did you get for $206?!
  11. The AC City Tote in Bronze metal combined with 30% off. The other colors are more expensive.
  12. Congrats! Mine came today and it's beau ti ful!
  13. ^^

    Pics!! Mine won't be here for another week or so.
  14. I don't think I've seen an AC City for less (outside of eBay), what a great price! Enjoy!!
  15. Thanks gals, i can't wait! :yahoo:

    I saw yours tonij, it looks fab!

    Congrats to the rest of you that also orderd it :wlae: