I bought the adorable Jackie 1961 bag!


Wendy S The Loving Fifty
Dec 18, 2014
Southern California
I bought the Jackie 1961 bag in canvas yesterday and it arrived today and it is GORGEOUS. I did an unboxing video but was too excited LOL and then a WIMB video where I was calmer and showed lots of features of the bag. It's absolutely adorable and I am really happy. Let me know if you have any questions on this little beauty and fun bag.



Sep 15, 2017

Still loving your video. Do you have a chance to check out LV Odeon? I have seen the Odeon but Jackie is not here yet. Both are quite similar, though 1 is NS and 1 is ES. Which do you think is more versatile?
Your bag is such a beautiful iconic design.
Will you take some modelling pics?

How are you going to "combine" the bag - shoulder length? Short strap?

Sorry for all the questions. It is just that this forum is so quiet regarding the Jackie 1961 and I can't take my eyes of this bag.

I am torn between the canvas you ordered and the black leather. Unfortunately the leather is lightweight, so weight is not an issue. :smile:
But the SA told me that the black leather is delicate. This might be an issue. hm hmm.


May 14, 2016
NorCal, for now
Gorgeous! I’ve always adored the Gucci luggage stripe and this design is so elegant and easy to carry about. How are you finding the upkeep of the canvas & cleaning it properly? I hope your bag brings you much joy!