I bought something from coach (first time and male) + I had an interesting chat ...

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  1. (ignore my username, I made it as a joke after my friend, yes I'm a male :P)

    I bought this Coach wallet called New COACH HERITAGE STRIPE MONEY CLIP BILLFOLD. With all the tax and etc, it was $170:

    Anyway, the girl there was nice and we started chatting. I remember in the purse forum everyone talks about SAs. I don't know what it means, what they do, etc, like are they suppose to give you discounts? Anyway, I asked the lady what it stands for but she said she doesn't know, they use too many abbreviations.

    And I said oh, okay. Then I asked how much were their employee discount, then I remembered this thread...

    I said, "Whoops. Forgot you sign something confidential and you're not suppose to tell anyone." and she started laughing and asking how did I know this and where am I gett this info from (like SAs). I said I read a forum and I told her I forgot the site (hey, I didn't go on alot and I was only a lurker here!) and she's like "The Purse forum?" and I was like "yea, that's it!!!" and she said her manager uses that site and she's aware about 'information getting leaked' etcetc... She said something else but I didn't really hear...

    Anyway, it was cool. :biggrin: And can someone explain what SAs mean/do? :confused1:
  2. Sales Associate
  3. Yes, SA stands for Sales Associate. It's just any worker in Coach besides the manager that rings up bags, etc.