I bought myself a present! And some Union Square LV info...

  1. So I had my annual performance review today. :yahoo: I was lucky enough to receive a big fat bonus this year, yayayay!

    Sadly, most of it will go to paying off my Visa bill, the IRS, an upcoming trip, and savings. OH WELL. But! I decided that in spite of that, I still ought to pick up something small as a treat, so I went to LV Union Square.

    For those who are interested in the lambskin riveting bags, they had one in each color, black and white. GORGEOUS. Call now if you want it!

    They also had a lot of dentelle stuff, including the scarf, and the BH.

    They have a sample of the denim patchwork pochette, it is extremely cute and the lining is an adorable French floral fabric!

    They also have Azur speedies and other things people may be looking for.

    ANYWAY: I bought a lovely little groom key cles. It's funny because when Groom came out last fall, I was very, very uninterested. I was "eh" about it. But for some reason I LOVE it in the cles! :heart: The mustard yellow stripe and lining, particularly. And I've been wanting a brown cles, but thought plain mono/damier was too... plain. This is perfect. Pics later! (I am still at work.)
  2. Oh congrats! The Groom cles is so cute!
    and big CONGRATS on your bonus :smile:
  3. congrats on your bonus and new LV.
  4. congrats on the cles and getting that bonus!!!
  5. you go jane! gotta love that feeling of a bonus coming your way. sigh. wish mine would come some day...
    anyway, can't wait to see pics of your groom!
  6. Congrats on your Groom cles!
    Thanks for the info!:flowers:
  7. good for you! congrats!
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  9. I just got the same cles last week ... LOVE IT .... but i have gotten ink on it ... sucks!
  10. yay congrats that's basically like free LV!
  11. congrats!
  12. Congrats on the bonus Jane! and thanks for the info on the stock at union square!

    cant wait to see pics!
  13. Congrats! Would love to pics!
  14. I must agree 100% with your groom sentiment. Upon it's arrival I too was 'eh' like why the hype, so it's a bell boy big whoop. But the yellow striped cles stood out to me over time and it too is my favorite in the line. Enjoy your new treat!
  15. congrats!!!