I bought my wedding dress at... Target?!

  1. OK, not me... but has anyone else heard that Target is going to release wedding gowns designed for them by Isaac Mizrahi toward the end of this week? Not where I've dreamed of doing my wedding dress shopping! But probably good for those girls on strict wedding budgets! I think they start at around $100. I'm curious to see what they look like. http://www.target.com/isaacbridal I think they're going to be up May 5 or 6?
  2. All wedding dresses shold and must be fitted perfectly, so unless you're made for this dress, it's not a good idea for a once in a lifetime event. =-/ And that's just one reason not to get it.
  3. eek those dresses are ugly. I don't really see why they think it's a good idea, you can go to David's Bridal and get a much nicer dress for the same price.
  4. They look better than I thought they would.
  5. You know, they're actually kind of cute... :shame: And I mean, for a dress you're going to wear once, and all...
    I suppose I'd consider it, if I were getting married. (That first dress is super pretty, actually!) Then again, I'd rather buy vintage...
  6. I'm personally not a fan. The reason Vera Wang can get away with such simple styles (which these obviously mimic) is because she uses such beautiful fabrics to execute the dresses. The strapless one might be ok in a heavy satin, but in a cheap fabric it's going to gap, pull, and wrinkle. JMO of course, but if you're going simple, you've got to spring for a really fine fabric.
  7. i sort of see the other side of this: i'm 21 and nowhere NEAR marriage, but one of my roommates is only slightly older and getting married in december. neither of their parents has much money, and they want to pay for the wedding themselves. they're both getting ready to graduate from college, so saving money before the wedding is going to be really difficult.

    she's not at all materialistic (she's already got her dress - she found the one that she liked in store and then bought it secondhand on eBay), so i think she'd consider something like this. i think the dresses are nice from the pics - simple, clean lines, etc. to judge the fabric, you'd have to see them in person, and they can always be altered by a third party to fit.

    just my $0.02. maybe we shouldn't judge so fast. i'm doing her makeup for her wedding :smile:
  8. it's good to know that there are other options out there than spending thousands on a wedding dress, for others who do not want to spend so much! but it's personally not my style.
  9. I think some dresses from David's Bridal could go from $99 as well. Since Issac designs it, may be it's not that bad...
  10. They're kinda plain... I'd want a little more embellishment on it, and I consider myself a plain kinda girl!
  11. Very interesting!
  12. I am getting married in August and just started looking around at dresses. Oh so stressful, let me tell you. Anyway we are doing kind of a low budget wedding (but getting married on Kauai!) because we'd rather put the money towards a new house. I am open to finding a cheaper dress but there are really none I like. Those Target ones look too plain for me. I wish I'd like something at Target, but for now I am loving all the simple lacy Vera Wang dresses. Haha is it okay to wear a dress that cost more than the actual wedding? :p
  13. wow I had no idea target had such a section. cool.
  14. ^I think it will only be available online.