I bought my very first Dior bag!!! Okay, actually two and a wallet! :)

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  1. I'm new here, so please bear with me if my posts aren't totally correct. :smile:
    I just bought my very first Dior and I am so excited!!! Or should I say, DH bought me my first Dior and I'm so excited! :smile: I chose the Lady Dior Cannage bag in the black lambskin...I love everything about it! The red interior, the charms, the super luxe lambskin. I was totally surprised to have gotten it...Its my first real luxury handbag as Coach was the line I treated myself to in the past. I'm so glad I found Dior! I have the sweetest SA and I love the classic look of their handbags. Do you think this was a good choice for my first Dior? I want it to be my signature piece. Somehow, no one else is as excited as I'm hoping true Dior addicts like you all will be! :smile:
    I also got the matching lambskin long envelope (just love the charms on the end!) wallet, although they are sold out company wide...I'm waiting for the supply at the boutique here to arrive or for it to be transferred from another store that gets a shipment. I also got a large dark chocolate brown calfskin tote that was on sale. Does anyone know what the name of this bag is? It has two D's on the front...That one was missing a grommet, so its living at the store until a new grommet arrives. I just cannot wait! I am in absolute bag heaven here and cannot believe my hubby so unexpectedly treated me to so much! I went from nothing to a very small but gorgeous Dior family! I cannot wait to add to my new collection!!! :smile:
  2. Welcome Glamourgirlpink!

    Congratulations on your purchases. I absolutely think a Lady Dior is a very good Dior bag. Very classic and timeless. You can pair it with any outfit too, whether it's casual or formal.

    I'm not too sure though of a tote bag with two D's in the front but there's a lot of people here who know their Diors. Maybe you can post pictures? :nuts:

    Again, congratulations! :wlae:
  3. welcome to the boards glamourgirlpink and congrats on the fantastic new purchases!!! it's so nice of your DH to buy you your first dior, very sweet of him! not to mention that the lady dior makes such a great first purchase.

    like Chrystalline said, it's an absolute timeless bag! i can't wait to see pictures of all your new purchases because they sound divine, particularly that long wallet! :drool:

    and like Chrystalline, i'm not familiar with the tote, but it sounds vaguely like the d dior (or is it dior d) line that MayDay was eyeing.

    would it happen to look like this?

    eBay: $1595. NEW! DIOR Large Tote Leather Signature BNWT (item 300059421656 end time Dec-17-06 15:55:52 PST)

    that's the only dior tote i can think of with 2 Ds in front. if it is, it's a STUNNING BAG!

    well, i can't wait for pictures if you don't mind posting them up for us to fawn over! ;) and congrats on your great buys!
  4. The same bag popped up in my mind, too! Please post pics once you receive it for all of us to enjoy:nuts:!
  5. Yay! That's the exact one that I originally had my eye on! Unfortunately, they only had it in white and I really wanted black or dark chocolate brown. I actually got the dark chocolate brown in the larger size. I think its called the D Dior Shopper tote? I forget what my SA told me. :smile: The Lady Dior was my true love, but I thought it was out of my current budget...Didn't expect to be treated to it since it was more than double of what the D Dior cost. :smile: Did you know that in Hawaii its 10% less than the usual retail price? Why is that?
    I would love to post pics of my Lady Dior now and my wallet and D Dior shopper when I get them! I tried last night, but it said that my file was too large? Could anyone teach me how to paste it into my post? I'm so computer illiterate! :sad: Other than shopping online that is! :smile:
  6. Congrats, how exciting to be getting so many things in a day.

    Pics please, so i can *drool* all over them hehe
  7. Hi glamourgirlpink,

    the easiest way i can think of for you to upload the pictures (since they sound like they might be large) is for you to sign up for a free account with photobucket.com

    thereafter, just cut and paste the code on the third line of the picture when it has been uploaded on photobucket. (see picture below. i highlighted the area that should be copied in the pink box. photobucket works in such a way that when you click on that link in the box, it auto-copies the link for you)


    i hope that helps! can't wait to see those pictures!! :nuts:
  8. oooh.. congrats! Your purchases sound lovely - gorgeous and timeless! Can't wait to see your pics!
  9. Thanks for the tip! I'll sign up for a photobucket account now...Thank you all so much for being excited with me! I think everyone else I've shared with thinks I'm out of my mind! :smile:
  10. Here are a couple of pics of my lovely new Lady D cannage bag. :smile: Sorry for the horrible pic quality! I don't know how to manually adjust my flash! The bag is just so much more beautiful IRL...
    Still can't believe dh indulged me! Oh and the only reason why I got more than one item is because the second bag was on sale and my mom surprised me with the wallet as an out of the blue gift...This is actually the first luxe handbag I've ever owned and DH felt proud to buy it for me since we're finally at the point where we have some extra cash on hand to play around with...He was so sweet about it which makes this gift all the more special. :smile:
    I'd love to share pics of the wallet and D Dior chocolate tote once the store calls me and I can go pick them up (the wallet is on backorder...the company is sold out nation wide and so everyone is waiting until someone gets a shipment where a merchandise transfer can be done...and the tote is living at the store until they get the missing grommet and can pop it back in so that it is in perfect condition). Ugh! I hate waiting! :smile:


  11. Welcome to the this wonderful forum, glamourgirlpink! And, congrats on your Dior purchase... it's gorgeous!!! :smile:
  12. Thank you! :smile: You are all so sweet and helpful! :smile: I feel so much more confident about my purchases now!
  13. love it, congrats! :biggrin:
  14. i need a dior bag ahhhhhhh!!
  15. Beautiful Cannage bag, welcome to the wonderful world of Dior! :smile: