I bought my *temporary* first Chanel bag today! Long story...

  1. I say temporary because there's a whole thing going on with me and buying my Chanel...

    When I decided I wanted to get my first Chanel in mid-September, I was torn between the Medallion, GST and PST. After seeing GST and Medallion in person, I decided that the GST was better for me. I was set on getting my first Chanel in black, and wanted silver hardware.

    Canada had very limited supply of the silver hardware, and when I called there were already none left. I was going to buy it from the US (from the store or second hand online) but got very nervous about customs/duties. Someone reported seeing a black GST with silver hw in Canada, but I called all the stores and all said they had none left. So I decided to stop looking for the silver hw GST and settled for gold. Gold was also sold out in Canada, however, and so last week I asked my SA to call me when she gets one in since she said there should be a shipment of two black GST with gold hw in next week.

    Then yesterday...price increased and were immediately effective :wtf: My black GST still wasn't in yet and I freaked out. I called my SA this morning as soon as they opened and asked her if they would honour the old price. Since she said I was looking at the bag for a few weeks now, she thinks they can but had to check with a more senior SA first. I asked if I could perhaps pay for the black GST today at the old price and pick it up when it arrives but she said she can't do that since the merchandise isn't there. They do have a beige GST so I asked if I could buy the beige first, and exchange for the black (without having to pay the difference in pricing) when it arrives. She says she's not sure and says she would call me back after the other SA comes to work.

    An hour after she said the senior SA was supposed to start her shift, she left me a message saying yes, they can honor the old price and can give me a one week grace period since I've been wanting to buy the bag for awhile :nuts: She also said that yes I can buy the beige now and exchange for the black later (within the one week grace period) or I can also wait until the black comes in, fingers crossed it will be this upcoming week on or before Friday. So, I dropped by Chanel before work and picked up the beige GST...

    To be honest I didn't think much of the beige before but after thinking I may have to settle with the beige if I wanted to buy it at the old price, it's growing on me...I think I could really like this colour. If the black doesn't arrive by Friday, I may decide to keep the beige. I do have two weeks from today to decide, so I may end up exchanging it for store credit and waiting until PSN if my black GST doesn't arrive by Friday.

    Sorry for the long story, but I am happy (that I have such a sweet SA and I was able to buy the GST at the old price) and nervous (that I won't be able to get the black one if it doesn't get here on time) at the same time. Anyway, this bag is gorgeous...I hope I can get the black because as much as I like the beige, I'm not sure how much use I would get out of it compared to the black.

    If I do manage to get the black...I think i will be writing a thank you note to my SA for all the trouble. I know she's been calling the stores trying to get a black GST transferred for me and checking the prices for me...

    Pics time! (Sorry for the crappy pics, since potentially I won't have the beige for long I didn't take the time to take nice pics. When/If I get the black one, or if I decide to keep the beige one, I will take much better pics)
    0.jpg 1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
  2. And modeling pics...I'm 5'7". I don't think the beige looks too great with the black, what do you think?
    va1.jpg va2.jpg va3.jpg va4.jpg va5.jpg
  3. Actually I think it looks ok with black. If black is really what you prefer, I hope you get that by Friday..Don't settle for anything less! Good luck!!!!
  4. i personally like the beige but i mean its personal preference after all. if you still love the black, then just switch it like your original plan. ;)
  5. Congrats on your temporary GST. Nice that your SA would let you exchange it for a black. I was also torn between the black and beige PST...in the end i settled for black with gold hardware
  6. Love it!
    you look great with it!
    Congtrats! This was my first CHANEL too:yahoo: Funny, I still love it!
  7. congrats karman! i love the gst in beige. it looks good with black IMO.
  8. I love the beige and think it goes with anything! But I hope you get the bag really want very soon.
  9. LOL I hope the black GST arrive in time and if not this colour looks great on you as well!
  10. looks great, i think :tup:!
  11. karman, the beige looks great on you, but if you've always wanted the black, I say exchange it...or, keep both? But regardless, your SA is a sweetie...doesn't it feel nice when you find an SA that gets why you're so undecided and will go through the trouble to accomodate you?
  12. Hey Karman! YAY, your first Chanel [granted it's temp but still the same!!!]

    I hope your black GST comes in soon! I think the beige is just as classic as the black and it looks very nice with your outfit! It pops!
  13. Hi, this is th first time i have seen it in beige, and IMO it looks so much better than the black!. I'm surprised at myself as I'm a black Chanel girl through and through!
  14. Hey, Karman...personally, I love the beige more. It is much more younger looking than black. (Especially if black with gold hardware). The CC stands out more too. I love the beige on you. It looks good with your black outfit too.
  15. The beige looks great on the black outfit, but if it's the black with SH you really have your heart set on, don't settle. Congratulations & good luck on getting the black GST!