I bought my peggy............................

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  1. But I dont know, it is so big and the bamboo is not the most comfortable. The bag is hot and I wanted her for ever, but it is so not a funtional bag. I put half of what I normaly use and it weighed about 7 pounds. The bag it self weighs over 3 pounds, lol. I must be getting old cause I never cared about these things, only if it looked good.I also tryed the Indy again today and omg it is the most painfull thing but so glam!! I am unsure of the Peggy, I would post pics but I am lazy as hell right now.
  2. That bag did look good but if you are not inlove return it....Why was the indy painful?
  3. Which one is the Peggy?
  4. Aww. sorry to hear this. Post pics when your not tired so we can talk you out of it!
  5. I have never returned a bag, thats why there are some from years ago in my closet with tags, lol. REdsox the Peggy is the cream colored bag with bamboo handle under cruise collection, its a very pretty bag, but it is not comfortable and after you get things in or out you have to rearange the fold over top, high maintence, grrrrrrrrrrrr. I dont know I wanted the bag for 2 months and now I feel let down. The indy was painfull because no lie the handle weights about 8 pounds lol and it digs in your sholder, if you use the strap its not so bag, looks great though. hot . hot. The peggy is a big old bag too, she is a piggy lol very large and wide. hahaha. I will post pics tomarrow. Thanks ladies
  6. Okay I see it. Thanks. My birthday is Saturday (50) and I have been trying to make a decision for two months about which Gucci to get. Thanks so much for the info.
  7. Happy Birthday in advance...which bags are you thinking of?
  8. On the Gucci site, the first bag in the classics which is the Britt medium shoulder bag, the wave large Boston bag with double handles, hasler med top handle tote with double handles. Those are just a few. Too tired to post the links. Thanks so much for the Happy Birthday wish!!!!
  9. Happy birthday REdsox!!!!! 50 is the new 40 ;) . I love the britt shoulder bag, great hardwear. It comes in a lot of colors too. Wave boston is TDF!!! A new gucci is a great b day present.
  10. Happy Birthday
  11. I know how you feel sjunky13. I fell in love with the peggy the moment I lyed eyes on it and I waited forever to finally purchase it when I saw it on bluefly. I was sooo excited to receive it in the mail but when I opened my package, I was quite disappointed. I wanted to love it but I just couldn't find myself too. It was personally too big on me and it was hard to maintain the shape of the purse for it to look nice. I still like the style of the peggy but I would stick with the medium size next time. If you have doubts about your new purchase, I say return it and find something you will love :yes:
  12. I agree the flap bag opening is strange. I love the bamboo handle and think I will carry it more with the handle by hand and use the detachable strap to wear it on my shoulder.
  13. Happy Birthday.
  14. Happy B-day.Sorry to hear about it being uncomfortable.I hope you find it to be comfortable eventually.Try downsizing what you carry in it.
  15. Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone. I am looking at the quote that "30 is the new 50!!!" :graucho:

    Sorry sjunky13, didn't mean to highjack your thread. If I were you I would definately return the "Peggy" to bluefly. You will feel so much better and have money to buy another Gucci!!