I bought my own BLING!!!

  1. I feel like such a grown up!! Although I have always splurged on bags and shoes...jewelry has been something that only my Dh has given me...UNTIL...I saw this ring, and had to have it!!! It is an 8 carat green garnet, with some diamonds and some other type of green stone which I can't recall right at this minute! It makes me feel like a princess:queen: !
    ring pics 005.jpg ring pics 006.jpg
  2. FABulous!!! Congrats annemerrick! It's lovely :heart:
  3. It's gorgeous! What a beautiful piece to buy for yourself!!! Congrats!:yahoo:
  4. Wow! That's really great! Congratulations!!!
  5. Thanks everyone!! I am really excited...and wearing it right now...even though it probably doesn't go best with jeans and a t-shirt!!
  6. That ring is TDF!!! Well done you for getting it yourself - I say, when it's that freakin' fabulous, a lady should indulge!

    It's really beautiful :smile:
  7. Its soo PRETTY!!! like the green color! its so subtle and elegant!
  8. OMG! You ARE a princess! Congrats on such a beautiful find - I love how clear and sparkly it is!
  9. very beautiful! I like the colour. This is a treasure!
  10. It's truly beautiful. Congrats!
  11. That is absolutely stunning!!!! Congrats!

    I love the feeling of buying my own jewelry for myself... not that I do not like someone buying it for me, but I really love getting it for myself :yes:
  12. Beautiful! I think it will look fab with jeans and a t-shirt! A beauty like that goes with everything ;)
  13. What a great cocktail ring! Enjoy!
  14. goooooooorgeous! id love a ring like that one day!
  15. that ring is beautiful!!!! :girlsigh: