I bought my Mirage!!!

  1. I bought my mirage noir yesterday in Bloomingdales in NYC. The only one they had left!! Funny thing is I called the LV store in the 50s in Manhattan and asked the SA if she had this bag. She said no but she was willing to try other locations for me. I asked her to call Bloomies on 59th Street. She did and told me that they were selling the last one. She called NJ stores and no bags had arrived there. She then told me she was going to try Las Vegas and have someone call me back. I was so sad at this point :crybaby:because I really wanted one and had waitlisted. I don't know why but right after I hung up I decided to call Bloomies myself and the SA told me that they did have one available. I was like :yahoo:and told him to hold it for me. I got there at noon, took one glance at it and fell in :heart: all over again. Is is brand new, he put the locks on it for me and everything and got a box too. :wlae:I have to now wait for the best occassion when to use the bag so my fiance doesn't go :cursing:. Just kidding. He's okay. He'll probably assume it is about $600 and I'll just let him assume that. Yes, I am bad :supacool: but hey I work for my $ so there. This is my biggest spurge ever - my next splurge will be the neo cabby denim in black. :rolleyes: But let me not get ahead of myself! I will enjoy this one!! Just wanted to share!
  2. bags did arrive in nj -- mine came from atlantic city, but i guess they were spoken for. you waitlisted but no one called you? do you know if you were far down on the list? glad it worked out for the best though! congrats!
  3. Hi - no one called me! They wouldn't tell me how far down the list I was either. I just felt that they kept giving me misleading information. I was at the store on the 12th and a SA told me that the bag wasn't coming in until 10/15. I don't know. I'm just happy I have the bag. I really like the SA at Bloomies though. He's pretty nice. I bought a bag from him before too. I've asked him to call me if the blk neo cabby comes in.
  4. I am excited for you. The Noir is so gorgeous! What a great color combination.
  5. Congrats! I'm so happy for you:yahoo:! Got the noir, as well:smile:.
  6. Congrats to another happy Mirage owner.....don't ya just LOVE It???
  7. 57th street told you they wouldn't have it till the 15th? they had them on the 8th, i saw them, but at that time the release date was still the 15th, and then later moved to the 10th. my SA called me that day to tell me she could send it to me but i wanted to go to the store to purchase it and didn't feel like going all the way to manhattan to get it. do you have a regular SA you go through? that REALLY helps, they are more helpful and are more likely to give you more information, like where exactly you are on the list.
  8. Congrats!! I love the noir..that's the one I chose, too!!!
  9. congrats!!
  10. Congratulations!! Another happy Mirage owner! This is a very popular bag it seems!! Now I'm thinking I want the Noir, too, in addition to the bordeaux. I gotta talk myself out of this one... lol
  11. yay it's a gorgeous bag congrats!!!
  12. I haven't seen either one IRL life, and have been going off everyone's posted pics here at tPF. I wasn't sure which one I'd like better, so I ordered them both over the phone today. Have bordeaux coming from Miami and noir coming from Santa Clara. Now I'm hoping that I don't LVoe them both. :rolleyes:
  13. Keokicat, you'll probably LVoe them both! :yes: Let us know what you decide to do: keep one or both. :graucho:
  14. I'll definitely let you guys know what I decide.
  15. Glad that you finally found your beloved bag. :nuts:

    Congrats on your new Mirage. I love mine to death as well.:p

    PurseNut911, if you could, you should get the Noir one and keep both. Each of them has its own unique beauty. :drool:
    I wish I could have them both in my possession, but my bank account was crying out loud. :push: