I bought my hubby LV today

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  1. It was like a botched 007 mission. I asked hubby to take me to the mall so I could go to sephora. That part was actually true, because I had a few things to pick up there. My hubby stayed in the car with the boys while I ran in for just a minute. I hurried like crazy through the mall and into Saks. No one was in the LV boutique except two SA's. I looked around for a few minutes, admired the roses. Then asked to see a mono wallet for men. I ended up getting the billfold with nine slots for him. I hope he likes it, it will be his first LV. I'm giving it to him on Wed. for his b-day. I'm hoping he will get hooked on LV and maybe want to buy me more, hehehe. I'm really like the rose speedy now after seeing it but I am supposed to be on a ban until May.
    Anyway, when I went to leave the store, I tried to hide the LC Bag in the Sephora bag. Only there wasn't enough room and I ripped the Sephora bag open. So I pulled the lv bag out, carried the two bags pressed against my chest, praying nothing would fall out. My hubby has this strange look on his face when I get in the car and I tell him I ripped my sephora bag because they put to much in a small bag and it couldn't withstand the weight. Then he asks why I came out of Saks (I went in over where Sephora is)? So I tell him it was closer to where we parked. He looks a little puzzled but buys me lame story and we go home. Once we get home, I make a made dash inside to hide the LV before my hubby gets home. Hopefully he isn't suspicious and won't go snooping while I'm at school.
    I can't show any pics of the wallet as it is a surprise and needs to stay hidden for now. But just wanted to share my purchase with you all.
  2. Thats so sweet! great job with the coverup story! I hope he gets hooked on LV too....im pretty sure he will after he uses the wallet
  3. aaww that is sweet from you

    nice 007 experience haha in that moments I ask for no bags for the items can fit in the other bags
    I am sure he will like it
  4. Congrats on the successful 'mission'. I'm sure he'll enjoy the gift.
  5. How fun! It will make his birthday that much more special with the "back-story"! I was thinking of getting mine a cles for Valentine's day.
  6. Great story - 007 lady agent! I am sure DH would appreciate LV and your effort in this purchase..
  7. thank you everyone. I hope your all right.
  8. that is sooo sweet of you. Let s know his reaction when he gets the gift. :tup:
  9. My secret missions are always found out by my DH. I am terrible at keeping a secret. Well done on yours!
  10. the best line of ur whole story!!! haha
  11. Great job ... being a guy, he'll probably forget about the whole thing and be surprised with his gift :smile:
  12. great story, hope it stays a surprise for him!
  13. What a lovely story, thanks for the smile :smile:
  14. Cute story!
  15. You did a great job :yes: I am sure he will be happy of your sweet surprise! :smile: