I bought my "holy grail" shoes yesterday!

  1. I've wanted a pair of Marc Jacobs' original Mouse shoes for years now, in plain black leather. I found them at Berfdorf's yesterday..and to think I almost passed the shoe department because it was SO crowded!

    (Sample picture from NAP).

    I can't wait to wear them when I get home this week!
  2. Congrats Suli!
  3. Thoses shoes are so pretty- Congrats!
  4. Those are gorgeous, Suli! Congrats! :nuts:
  5. I love them.
  6. congrats, there is no greater feeling than finally finding a pair of shoes you have coveted for years.

    well done you :biggrin:
  7. ack! the mouse shoes! i've always wanted them!
    congrats, some things were just meant to be.
  8. Good find!
  9. cute pair =)
  10. Congrats SuLi, they're so cute.
  11. congrats. love those shoes so much
  12. Congrats Suli! Love Marc Jacobs shoes!
  13. Ohhh! I have them in black and white. They are the comfiest shoes I own and I spend all day standing up (i'm a teacher). Congrats and enjoy!