I bought my HG! but..how much was shipping?

  1. im a huge dork! ive been longing for the patent blush for so long and finally with the help of a fellow PFer, i got ahold of it! the SA said it was $2150 but i thought it was like...1750..but anywho..i didnt bother to ask about shipping and tax charges. he said itd take a week..do u know how much it would be? i ordered it from NM in King of Prussia, PA and I'm from SF, CA...i hope i dont have to pay sales tax..and I hope shipping charges for standard is only about $40. TIA!

    P.S. since the bag is a couple of seasons old, am i right about the price being $1750 or so or does Chanel really have the right to increase the old previous season items too? b/c I was told by other SAs that it was $1750..(she was also helping me look for the bag)
  2. ground shipping is quite cheap -- i think it's $12.50. 2 day air is not much more -- $18? unfortunately, since there is a nm in sf you will have to pay sf tax (8.5% baby) and chanel apparently has the right to increase its prices as it sees fit, but sa's can get around it (i had an sa charge me the old price for a bag even though it was after the price hike).
  3. thank you, kicksarefortwids!

    one more question - ive heard that if i buy something from Saks NY, i won't be charged Sales Tax but..there is a Saks SF here..is that right? i'm just a bit confused certain stores charge tax while others do not...TIA!
  4. Ground shipping from NM is now free, no charge..
  5. the general rule is if there is a store in the state where you are receiving the item, you will be charged sales tax as if you bought the item where you live. so anything purchased from saks or neiman's anywhere and shipped to sf will be charged sf sales tax. i have heard that even if a company only has a warehouse in your state, you will be charged sales tax (so items bought from an online retailer like bluefly will be charged sales tax if the retailer has warehouse in your state).
  6. across the board or do you need a code?
  7. I believe ground shipping from NM is free, but don't think you can get away from the sale tax though.:push:
    If your SA request for a free shipping code, here is one that I think you can try: NMJUNE

    Congrats, and remember to post pic once u receive the goodie!
  8. that is indeed the general rule but I have made several purchases from a Saks out of state and have never been charged sales tax :yes: I'm in CA btw where there is a Saks
  9. thanks for all the info! i just got a call from Stacey, the SA at KOP NM and she informed me that there is an ink mark on the bag..she said that it would take 8 weeks to get it repaired and all but I told her to just let it go..i can't seem to justify a $2k+ purchase on something that is not perfect...i guess ill keep searching but in the mean time, another bag is coming my way!!! =)
  10. Shipping to HK is $45... How come it's so expensive for ground shipping?