I bought my first SPEEDY in Paris!

  1. I'm back from Paris - the city was gorgeous (as usual) and I had an amazing time - while I was there, I checked out 3 of the 4 Gerard Darel shops - Truthfully just didn't love the bags enough to buy one - It had nothing to do with the fact that they were on every girl's arm. I just couldn't get excited enough - so the newly redone LV flagship store on the corner of the Champs and Avenue George V was a block from my hotel and I wanted to get something in that store - okay I never owned a Speedy and this blog had me thinking I should get one (please tell me why again) the 25 was way too small so I got the 30 in the regular classic logo. So now I am a brand new Speedy owner - I don't know what they cost here but they were very inexpensive there (410 euros). Is that a good price? The SA went in the back to wrap my bag for travelling and it seems the bag literally flattens out for storage or travelling - I didn't see the dust bag because I kept it wrapped till I got home - I am a bit disappointed in the dust cover. It's just a flap closure, no strings to tighten it securely (like my other LV) Has anyone seen that type of dustbag? - I saw a ton of bags of course, I guess everything there is - and it was a lovely experience. It occurs to me that I didn't see anything with cherries (cerise?) but I did see everything we discuss here and then some. I also saw the "book" It was huge and heavy beyond measure - so that was not a practical buy - they had gorgeous shoes in the window and clothes and scarves - oh if only money was no object!! Well, I'm back now and look forward to when I can get there again!: P.S. I do love the Speedy!!
  2. I have that kind of dustbag for one of my LVs as well. I purchased it at that same boutique, maybe that is just what they use there. How exciting for you. I love Paris.
  3. hey congrats! I wish I could go.
  4. Welcome back suzy! Glad you had a wonderful time in Paris, and Congrats on your new Speedy! Such a classic timeless bag! Enjoy!
  5. Suzy, thanks for sharing your story. Paris is my favorite city in the world, and to be shopping at the LV flagship store on Champs is a dream! Now you have an LV to remember your trip by.
  6. O:huh::huh:! I am so jealous. Never been to Paris!! :smile:

    Congrats on the Speedy! :smile: I am so excited for you. I know, after joining the forum, I started getting the bug to have to get a Speedy too!!!! It's almost like an initiation! :smile:

    YAY for you! Glad you back safe and back with us! :smile:
  7. Congrats !

    And my mom's speedy has the same kind of dustbag too.
  8. I have those same kinds of dustcovers. Eh, they're not bad. Congrats on ur new Speedy though! I'm thinking about getting the 25 since I want a small size.
  9. Thanks for your sweet thoughts ladies! If I had to leave Paris, I'm glad to have all of you to come home to!!!
  10. Aww! Thats so great! Was it the flagship store?
  11. Yes it was - I knew I wanted to buy a bag in that amazing store!!
  12. congrats!!! and what a great place to buy your speedy!...btw, all of my lv dustbags just have the flap closure, I really wish they made all of them with drawstring closures...
  13. Well, that's just it, When I bought my LV (Besace Mary Kate) it came with a luxurious drawstring dustbag - so that's what I expected.
  14. i bought my speedy in paris but in galeries l'afayette in feb and it has a flap dustbag, doesnt bother me becuase i have nothing else to compare it too and also i use it everyday so it hasnt been back in the dustbag since i got home
  15. I have that same type of dustbag as well.