I bought my first pair of UGGs today!! Lots of pics!

  1. Thank you for all your replies to my other threads...

    I got the Classic Short in Chestnut!

    They were supposed to be $225, but when I went to pay, they were actually on sale for $199! :happydance: Even the SA was surprised and didn't know they were on sale.

    I've got tons of pics. :nuts:

    First some teaser pics of the box:



    Worn without being cuffed down:


    Worn cuffed down:


    Full body pics:



    The heel:



    Enjoy the pics!

    Do you guys think it looks better cuffed down or not?
  2. They look great on you! (not cuffed is my preference).... but.. I thought the classic shorts were about $120... I've never seen them listed at $225, unless these are some kind of special edition?
  3. Wow I agree. That is really expensive. The talls are 150 and I got my shorts for 100 on sale.

    However they do look great on you! You'll love them.
  4. They're cute and they're going to keep you toasty warm!:tup:
  5. Thats how much they cost in Canada...I checked all the stores and its all the same. $225 for the short and $155 for the mini.
  6. ooooh CAD... sorry I was thinking USD...
  7. They look great!!
  8. I wouldn't cuff the short but I like them. I have the same pair except mine are so old the color is totally drained out.
  9. Congrats, they look great!!!!
  10. You rock them! so lucky u caught them on sale
  11. Thanks everyone. Just one question...are they supposed to fit loose? Like when I walk, my heels comes up a little bit inside the boot.
  12. they are supposed to fit SNUG when you first buy them. usually you should size down from your normal size-size 7 in regular shoes=size 6 in uggs. im a size 6 in uggs and they fit me perfectly. from my experience (i have a few pairs) all of them will become a bit bigger as the fur will eventually get "packed down".
    if it feels a bit big now when they are brand new they are too big. you should get a size smaller. your heel should not go up....snug is the key word when buying uggs!! :smile:
  13. But they don't have any size 7 left. :wacko:

    I thought the classics were supposed to be true to size.
  14. what store did you buy from? maybe another store has it and they can order it for you...i know that browns does this....

    really? all of my friends,parents including myself have had to size down for a better fit.
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