I bought my first Mousseline!

  1. A little background - I went to Barneys for their bag event. Spent a little on my favorite new makeup line, By Terry, and got two bags (I must've spent a lot in their eyes!). And, in what I'm making a new tradition, no trip to 61st and Madison would be complete without a trip to 62nd...I am SO excited about my Mousseline. I had no idea how light and airy they are. I bought the Belles du Mexique, which I know has been up here before, but just please bear with me. I'm still so new to this and I get so excited!:yahoo:

    My SA (Erika) and I had so much fun. Once I decided on the scarf, I went to the enamels, and found a real beauty. Very summery, like the Mousseline. And although these pictures may not show it, the colors match very well. The bracelet is pinks and oranges and white.

    So, here are the pictures of my latest acquisitions. I'm throwing in a picture of the Mousseline in action, on my little Maltese, Bonnie.:nuts:

    IMG_0641.JPG IMG_0642 (2).JPG IMG_0643 (2).JPG IMG_0644 (2).JPG IMG_0645 (2).JPG
  2. WOW!! LBurke, the Belles looks so gorgeous in Mousseline.
    Love it on your sweet little Bonnie.
  3. Gorgeous mousseline and enamel bracelet L; congrats! The mousselines are wonderful, and the BDM is especially stunning! Bonnie is adorable btw!
  4. :tup::tup: I love it. Congratulations!!!

  5. WOW, Linda!! I have not see the Belles in Mouseline here on tPF before and I am totally wowed!!! The colors are just breathtaking and the bracelet is the perfect complement to it.

  6. Beautiful!! Congratulations.
  7. LBurke9915, I can't go to Barneys without stopping by Hermes too! :blush:

    Bonnie is such a cooperative model. :heart::love::heart:
  8. Love all three beauties! The Mousseline, bracelet, and Bonnie the model. :biggrin:
  9. LBurke, Bonnie is a lovely model! I love your new buys. Belles du Mexique is really growing on me, I think I will have to get a scarf soon...
  10. Preternaturally beautiful! I'd never seen the Belles in mousseline. Congratulations on your new beauties!

    Btw, Bonnie is so lucky!!!
  11. Thanks, ILML - a compliment from someone with your closet is always nice.
    Kallie Girl - the scarf really is breathtaking, and I only wish the colors of the bracelet showed up better. The two look so good together. They will easily be a staple of my summer wardrobe.
    Pepper, thank you!!
    Plum Blossom - it would be silly to pass up Hermes when at Barneys, wouldn't it? Thanks for your comment about my Bonnie.
    Thank you, Bella. I love them all.
    Elle tee - I was really drawn to the scarf. It's spectacular. I think you should get it. Then again, I'm an enabler.:yes:
    Thank you, Beaumonde. The Mousseline gives the design such a delicate feature, I think. Bonnie only 'tolerated' the beautiful scarf. She likes the store, though, and my SA adores her!
  12. It's beautiful!! How VERY bold of you to mix mousseline with canine!! :smile:
  13. Beautiful, congrats!! There's no turning back now!!
  14. Great choice for your first mouss. And you're right the bracelet is perfect with it.
  15. Gorgeous, congratulations!