I bought my first LV. I didn't know, but I didn't get a box..


May 26, 2010
I would call the boutique and speak to the SA that sold you the bag and ask if you can come pick up a box. I would hate for you to drive there and not get a box for some reason. I don't think it would be a problem.

I just purchased my first LV speedy and pomme zippy wallet and I told my SA I wanted a box and he was cool with it. The boxes had ribbon on it which was unexpected.
hope you get your box.


The Abyss of Chanel
Sep 3, 2007
I only rec'd a box once, perhaps bcos my hubby mentioned that it was a gift?

erm, i tot it was the case locally... but over in Italy & Edinburgh ( when i was at the store ), the purchases oso came w/o the box. hmmm