I bought my first Louboutins-and I feel guilty!

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  1. I went to Saks today to look at shoes for the Triple points/EGC event. I was looking for a pair of heels for summer in a neutral that would go with lots of summer dresses and outfits. I ended up with the CL yoyo pumps in bronze. I do really like them but I feel so guilty(even with the gift card)-I havent ever spent that much on shoes. Does anyone else feel like this?
    Did I make a good choice? I was also looking at the simple 100 pumps in a luggage tan color. Does anyone those would be better? These will be exclusively for fun/going out -as a chef I dont need Louboutins for work!
  2. don't worry, the guilt comes and goes. once you pass that initial threshold, everything goes out the window. also, think about it...a few years ago, i bought jimmy choo boots for 795. now, they sell for 885. things are only going to get more expensive. so if you really love it, just enjoy it...don't ruin your enjoyment by feeling too guilty. money can be earned, but once something sells out, or is no longer available, you might not be able to buy it again, even if you had the money. that's my philosophy.
  3. As I always say, it isn't always about what you need. Sometimes it's about what you want. And the Yoyos are always so pretty. Don't feel too guilty. As long as it didn't break the bank for you, there's no harm in it. Louboutins are fabulous and totally worth the money IMO. But they can be a little addicting. And you should post pics so we can all drool over them.
  4. I totally identify. I just crossed my highest shoe $$$ threshold last week (Prada slide) & am trying not to let my post-Catholic guilt kick in. But if you can afford the occasional - or more frequent splurge, it should be okay to treat ourselves once in a while. I've worked most of my adult life & choose how to spend my money. I have an economy car & tend to try to get nice shoes at great prices - but sometimes you really may kick yourself if you pass on opportunities for 'small luxuries'. In my case, shoes are one of the only things I do for myself. My husband teases me, but he knows I feel guilty when I splurge. He's actually a bit of an enabler - he took me to the Rack last fall & I walked out with 3 completely unplanned pairs of shoes. If we're not choosing shoes over paying the mortgage, then it's okay to remember that being nice to our families, SO's etc. includes being nice to ourselves sometimes.

    OK, maybe I'm still working out my issues too ..... :smile:
  5. It is post-Catholic guilt-I keep thinking about what my mother would say! And I am 35.
    I am moving in the direction of buying fewer, better things, examining what I actually wear/need and not spending too much on trends. It is just hard to swallow sometimes-even though it is better to buy one pair of shoes I will wear for a long time than 2 or 3 I will wear for one season.
    So onto the shoes- are the yoyos a good choice or would the tan simple 100s be better?
  6. I was looking at the yoyo's too!! They look really cute, but the simples look more versatile. Soooo since ure feeling guilty maybe the simples? So you could get more use out of it?

    And dont worry...i got over my guilt of spending so much on CL's the moment i wore them out and plp commented on how cute they were. :P
  7. don't feel guilty. if you get good use out of the shoes then it will be worth it. i would keep the yoyos. but i can probably assure you this won't be your last pair. once you go louboutin it'll be hard other shoes just don't compare (well with the exception of manolos and choos).
  8. Don't worry, as long as you feel 'Oh I shouldn't buy those' rather than 'I really can't afford those' it's fine to treat yourself but beware - it is addictive. But come and see us in the CL Forum, then we can help you get over that:roflmfao:

    If you're looking for fun/going out shoes I would stick with the Yoyos :yes:
  9. i vote for the bronze yoyos b/c as you said, they'd be for fun and going out and those would be perfect. i love the simple 100 pumps too, but i'd wear them more for work or meeting with clients.
  10. I think you will feel better if you come to take a look at the Louboutin debauchery that we participate in on the CL sub-forum :heart::heart::heart:

    The yoyos are not a trend shoe in my opinion. They are classics and the color you picked is extremely versatile.
  11. I would feel extremetly guilty too. It's just the way I am, I cant help it. I felt super guilty for a whole month when I bought my first LV. If you have the way, why not?? enjoy your shoes.
  12. Guilt? What is this guilt you speak of? You only live once. Enjoy your shoes.
  13. I think you have to go with what clothes match your shoes and personality better. Those Tan Simples are my HG.. I can't find them in my size and I love them. I will get a lot more use out of them than uncomfortable YoYo's.
  14. YES! You did well! The bronze YoYo 85 can be paired up with just about anything, IMO. Vey versatile color. Enjoy them!
  15. i think you made a perfect choice. That style is so classic and to color is dazzling! Every girl needs at least one pair of Louboutins. You deserve to have beautiful things. If you bought 10 pairs in one go, I could see that would be way too much.

    Enjoy them! I'm sure they look beautiful on you!