I bought my first Fendi and it's AMAZING.

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  1. Basically the story is, I saw this bag during the after Christmas sales at Neiman Marcus and totally wanted it, but I had already bought a Prada clutch and a huge, "everyday"-kind of bag by Kooba. I really wanted to get this, but I just couldn't afford it at the time. My SA at Neimans said that she could call me if it ends up going to Final Sale mid-January and pull it for me. I gave her my information, not thinking that it would actually make it because the price was so good already, went back to college at UCLA.

    She called me last week!! I immediately called my mom back to get it for me and she did. Yesterday my mom came up to visit me and and brought my new baby up to see me. It's here with me now and I just can't wait to take it out.

    So originally, it would cost $1,810. It was later discounted to $1,086. During Christmas it was an additional 40% off, I think... so it became $600ish. Final sale, which was 50% off the $1,086 allowed me to get the bag at $543! Not including tax of course.

    Now presenting... my brand new Fendi White Doctor B Tote! (I think that's the official name, correct me if I'm wrong.) I think the official color name is Bianco, but this is my first Fendi so I'm really not sure.

    Time to celebrate!:yahoo::heart:

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  2. OMG! It's beautiful! Great price too, congrats to you and enjoy! It looks like a pretty good size bag?
  3. Congrats!! I can't believe the great shape it's in, since it's a sale bag. Sometimes they get so abused on the sale table. It's beautiful. Enjoy!
  4. that's so pretty - and it must have been meant for you - after all that waiting!
  5. I love it. Geez... really nead a white bag
  6. Congrats!
  7. That sounds meant to be! I'm been waiting to for my happy ending but it seems like they just come about when you least expect it. You must be thrilled!
  8. Thanks LOREBUNDE! It's a rather large size, but I love big bags so I adore it.

    I totally agree, kiss_p. This Fendi had a little yellow spot on the side, it looks like it could be glue, but it's near the stitching so it's not totally obvious.

    Haha, I'd like to think so daisyrockyrosie!! Cute animals in your signature, by the way. :smile:

    Having a white bag is actually really really functional and glamorous, dollfie-love[/v]. Definitely get one... you will look fresh and icy for the winter and clean and flirty for the spring!

    Thanks Sewon and woody! I was totally surprised to get such a great deal from my SA. These sorts of things just fall out of the sky; you'll have your moment soon! I'm sure of it. :biggrin:
  9. GREAT BUY! Congrats! It's beautiful!
  10. its nice, kinda simple for my liking but nice :biggrin:
  11. Wow, that's a great deal. I love that bag!
  12. Congrats on a great new bag!
  13. What a great purchase! so lucky you got it for such a good price, your SA is awesome for actually following through...
  14. fabulous x
  15. a great bag! classy!