I bought my first coach. I hope I made a good choice.

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  1. Hi all! I'm new here. I have never had a coach before. I use to laugh at the money people spent on a purse. Recently, I've heard such good things. Then I met an online friend on a jewelry forum and she's a coach addict. :biggrin: She helped me pick this purse. I hope I made the right choice and it's in nice condition. I'm so nervous. I made an offer, I asked for a picture of the bottom and last night the purchase went through. She will ship on Monday. So did I do the right thing? :biggrin:

  2. You did great! A legacy piece as your first purchase? Fabulous!! :tup:
  3. You did AWESOME! Thats a classic piece that will go with anything!:woohoo::yahoo::nuts::happydance:

    BTW, it would be a great idea to have any potential purchase authenticated here to keep from purchasing a fake. I've gotten pretty good at spotting them, and still do this as a precaution.
  4. I'm so nervous about the condition. Do you think it will be ok?

    I didn't think that this was a fake. Are you suggesting?
  5. Wow, what a GREAT first Coach bag!! You will be hooked now! And no worries, that bag looks totally authentic to me, and in great condition.
  6. No, I dont think it's a fake. It looks totally authentic to me. I think the poster was just trying to make you aware of that service in the future. I havent seen many Legacy pieces "duplicated", but some of the other pieces can be, and they look very well done. It can be hard to spot some of them.

    Just know the service is there for the future!

    And lastly, ENJOY HER! She is beautful!
  7. The bag looks to be in good condition -- I've had some very good experiences with pre-owned bags. The leather looks like it's in good condition for the whiskey vachetta, and the legacy lining looks pretty pristine. :nuts:

    It looks quite authentic to me.

    BTW, the Ali is a great choice for your first Coach! It's a true classic. I love the legacy line (most Coachies do), and the whiskey color is great because it matches everything (I even wear it with black-- it's a great neutral!). Congrats on your first Coach, and kudos on an excellent choice! :woohoo:
  8. Gorgeous! Congrats on your 1st Coach Bag
  9. Thanks everyone. I'm so nervous. It does appear to be quite a classic bag. I hope I like it. I hope it's my style IRL. I can't wait to touch that leather! :smile:
  10. Great 1st bag.....Congrat's:smile:
  11. hoofbeats95, you did great! Now they're going to become an addiction, just like they are for me:biggrin:....and a number of others around here!
  12. It's great that you had someone to help you make your 1st Coach purchase, because I have to say she led you down the right path my friend!!!

    We'll expect a reveal when you get her!!!! We're a demanding crowd!! LOL

    Congrats & Enjoy!!!
  13. Great first choice!
  14. Congrats!! She is a beauty!! :smile: Once you get her home and fall in love you may need help authenticating future purchases because you can't have just one Coach bag!! :smile: :smile: :smile:
    Welcome to the forum!! :smile:
  15. Its a beautiful bag! I think you'll be happy with it. I've bought 2 pre-0wned bags, a LV and the coach I'm carrying right now. I got great deals on both and both are in perfect condition. Enjoy your first Coach!