I bought my first Coach bag tonight!

  1. It's a smaller size, but i needed a bag for going out and this one was just too cute! retail $178 i bought it for $95!

    I can't wait to use her!

    I'm moving up slowly but surely in the world of Coach :smile:

    oh and funny story- while i was in the store this girl and her boyfriend came in. the girl was in there applying for a job. What did her shirt say, you ask?

    Got Beer.

    the SA's were trying so hard not to laugh.
    pictures 014-SMALL.jpg
  2. Nice! Congrats! And yeah, she'll get the job. :rolleyes:
  3. Very cute bag!!! And if I was that girl, I definitely wouldn't hold my breath waiting on a call back....
  4. congrats on your first coach! it won't be your last... :graucho:

    lol about that girl, people lack common sense, seriously.
  5. Cute! The black on black signature is my favorite!
  6. very cute bag and it will be great for going out!!!
  7. cute bag! and can't beat the price!!!

    i loved when i worked for a restaurant and people would come in and ask to talk to a manager about a job...and they had random drug-related shirts on. (apparently cartoon characters getting stoned is popular...who would've thought...?!). all i could do was roll my eyes.
  8. Cute demi! I love that style!

    I can't believe anyone would go in for a job app dressed like that!
  9. Very cute. Congrats on your first Coach. I am not sure it will be an only child for very long. This purse thing is very addicting
  10. thanks everyone!

    i think one of the SA's put a note on her application once she left that said she was wearing that shirt. i mean, come on- it was just bad. I should have laughed at her.
  11. That was me applying for the job. Its my favorite shirt. JUST KIDDING! I dressed up just to pick up an application for the last job I got. Some people just don't get it I guess. You're supposed to look classy and make a good impression. What a novel idea!

    Congrats on your new Coach!
  12. Um, yeah. I have that shirt in about 6 colors. I wear one to work everyday! :boxing: Ya makin fun of my clothes?? :p
  13. hrimaliv, congrats! Cute bag!
  14. Love the purse. I like the black signature line a lot!
  15. I love that bag!! I've wanted one in khaki/bronze for like, ever...but I won't pay the crazy prices on eBay for it.

    did you know they make matching medium skinnys? I have a white leather one and the khaki/bronze one...

    congrats and welcome!