I bought my first Chanel Cambon

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  1. Well I did it. After reading about how much everyone loved Chanel here and having a very hard time buying something else besides a LV ( I was going to buy the LV denim neo speedy)...... I contacted this wonderful SA named Pam at N.Marcus in Boca Raton Florida and talked to her about the pink Cambon items. I called my sister to tell her because my sister wanted the pink cambon bag with the outside pockets and I wanted the pink tote---so my sister placed the order for us. I am so excited. The pink cambon tote caught my eye when it first came out and I always loved it. So if you are looking for the Cambons on sale call Pam at 561-417-5151 Ext. 1314. She was so sweet, even measured the bags with a ruler for me and answered all my questions. It was so nice to speak with a SA who took the time to talk to you and I will buy from her again. Now I can't wait to get it....
  2. aww congrats! you will have to post pics when you get her!
  3. It sounds like a great bag! It is very high on my list!
  4. 0o0o0o0o, this is very exciting!!! i'm SO glad to hear that you're getting your Chanel tote!!! oh having a great SA makes the whole experience that much better!!! cant wait to see pics!!!
  5. Congrats on your first channel - isn't it so exciting!!! Post some pics when it comes in
  6. Congrats! Post pics for us...
  7. Good to hear another positive SA story- Chanel SA's in particular get a bad rap.
  8. Congrats! A Cambon is my next purchase from Chanel!!
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