I Bought My Cat Lily a Present!!

Oct 11, 2007
My 18 year old cat Oscar passed away last week (I have posted about him the Rainbow Bridge thread).

He had been sick for a long time and was having trouble walking around and stepping too high so my house has been full of very shallow kitty litter trays for him to use for the last few months.

My other cat Lily is the "Toilet Queen"!! She loves visiting all the family if we are in the toilet, and she loves using kitty litter. She digs like a crazy thing, and having shallow kitty litter trays has been a nightmare, because she will keep excavating until the whole house is covered with kitty litter and all I hear when I walk around is crunching underfoot!!:P

Anyway, when Oscar passed, I thought I needed to get her a present and here it is!! It is absolutely hilarious - a kitty litter tray disguised as an indoor plant!!:graucho: Lily absolutely loves it. She gets in a digs for ages and then sticks her little head out when she does her business.:lol:

I have it in our spare bathroom and whilst no-one would believe it is a "tuscan pot" as advertised, it really doesn't look too bad tucked away in a corner and under the plant it even has a filter!

P.S. - That isn't Lily in the photo - this was from the advertisement. And also, mine has a more realistic looking "palm" type plant!


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Oct 11, 2007
Oh, that's brilliant! My lot would love that (and it might stop Norton from his usual trick of 'front feet in the tray, back feet outside the tray'....you can guess what happens next....).

That's what Oscar used to do! Years ago, when he was young and healthy I tried a covered kitty litter tray, but he just didn't like the roof over his head and used to leave his rear end out!:lol: So, as you can imagine, I got rid of it fairly quickly!

Lily just loves it though. It is so funny when she's in there scratching around and the plant is shaking - it looks like there's an earthquake happening! I saw on one of the reviews to turn it around and face the opening into the corner, so that you can't see it is a litter tray. So unless I poke my head around, I can't see Lily in there - but I can certainly hear her!
Oct 11, 2007
Oh. My. God.

I have got to get one those! Absolute genius.

smh.......why didn't I think of something like that......... I could be $$$$$$$ grrrrrrrr

Put "hidden cat litter" into a google images search and you will be amazed at what's out there!!

I had no idea that people were so creative with cat toilets! There are whole pieces of furniture devoted to kitty litter.:lol: