I bought my boyfriend the Epi briefcase for Christmas!

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  1. I was in San Francisco yesterday, and having already dropped a pretty penny at Hermes, I thought to myself, "He really likes that briefcase, but he'll never get it himself..."

    So I went in and purchased it after a little self-debate. There are circumstances that may complicate his acceptance of the gift, not to mention that it's quite extravagant. He's also definitely NOT the type of guy who is into brand-name merchandise. His opinion is "A purse is a purse is a purse" -- until he saw the Epi briefcase, that is. I think he fell in love (just a little).

    I hope he likes it! It's under the tree right now!
  2. :nuts: Wow! I'm sure he'll love it.:love:
  3. that's so sweet! have a great xmas!
  4. oh wow! awesome gift! :smile:
  5. Congrats! What a sweety gf you are! :flowers:
  6. Congtaulations.
  7. Wow! Great choice! Congrats!
  8. Don't Worry! If he doesn't like it, I'd love it! :roflmfao:
  9. Awww that is so sweet of you. I'm sure he'll love it.
  10. How nice of you! I bet he is going to love it!!
  11. What a sweet gf you are!

    He'll love it!
  12. Wow I wish I had a girl friend like you lucky bf you have...
  13. this is random, but i like ur avatar..
  14. Thanks! That's me and my horse. He's a real sweetie.