I bought my black city a pair of shoes!!

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  1. My black city saw these shoes and just HAD to have them :P

    For fear that my bag might try and run away with them, I give in and bought 'em :graucho:

    Excuse the morning legs :P but I had my camera out:

  2. Fabulous shoes to go with a fabulous bag!! CONGRATS!!
  3. Wow, that's hot!
  4. GORGEOUS, girl!!!!! shoes AND legs!!!!!! :yahoo::heart:
  5. OMG! I want those shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats girl! LOOKING GOOD BABY!
  6. Those shoes are HOT! Love the bag and the shoes!
  7. Thanks gals :yahoo:

    for those of you that know me on other parts of this forum, I was an avid shoe collector before the Bal bug bit me.

    I think I need a pair of Baleciaga shoes now!!! :nuts:
  8. D- give me the stats, where can I get those- You totally suck! I just bought 2 pairs of shoes this weekend, and it is starting to put a dent in my bag budget. BUT I GOTTA HAVE ThOSE!
  9. Work it out, girl! The shoes are just as important as bags! What are those? They're gorgeous.
  10. Delicious!
  11. Foxy laydeh! :graucho:
  12. Oh those shoes are HOT! Love them.
  13. Hot!!! Your bag has excellent taste!!!
  14. wow, those shoes are sexy! congrats!
  15. I wish I could walk in shoes like that... :P