I bought my birthday/christmas present yesterday!!! pssst, it is pink!

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  1. I bought the babypink caviar flap bag with gold hardware .. it is GORGEUS.. They also had the lambskin which is a bit more cooler in color but I think the caviar is much better for me..

    I can't WAIT to get it, but that won't be untill november 1st.. sigh..

    It will match my Chanel jacket I am getting made PERFECTLY!!! oh why must I waiiiit!!
  2. Congrats! I have the pink caviar flap too and I love it. I hope you post modeling pics with your new jacket!
  3. ooooh! i just posted another of my chanel bag on the forum! go have a look :smile: i love pink flaps! omg! i want the blush one!!!!! and i love tweed jackets!!!
  4. Pink and gold? Sounds so beautiful!!! Can't wait to see pics!
  5. You're getting a Chanel jacket??? You're so lucky!! Post pics of that ASAP! Oh yeah and the bag too! hehe
  6. oooooo it sounds really cute, can't wait to see those modelling pix
  7. it is NOT from a store, but a couturist making me one, I have bought the Chanel fabric (which Chanel sells, it is not fake or imitated) and she is making me a jacket, modelled after a Chanel jacket pattern so I get it just the way I like it..

    I hopefully will get it in a cople of weeks..
  8. Congrats and enjoy!
  9. Promise us you'll post pics both purse and then modeling jacket with purse!!!
    Congrats on your little pink bundle. (It's a girl!!!) :smile:
  10. I will!! aaaw yes.. it's a girl!!
  11. congrats!
  12. oo congrats! Please post pics when you get it :smile:
  13. Nice, can't wait to see the pics!
  14. I love pink caviar, can't wait to see it!
  15. Ohhh, congrats, I can't wait to see pics!!! :yahoo: I LOVE pink caviar flaps too... I have the one you're getting but in silver, and a hot pink one as well... they're so girly and fun, and I'm sure it will look fabulous with the jacket you're having custom made!! :heart: :heart: