I bought more today!!

  1. okay so today I ventured out shopping and spent more money........GO FIGURE!! I stopped by JapanLA and picked up the tee I wanted. It's the black tee with specks in it and it has momo on the front and adios on the back, like this:

    Then I went to Beverly Center Macy's w/ my 20% off coupon in hand and got a lamore bella and a pirata portatelefono.

    I ventured over to the Grove and went to Nordies and got a lamore denaro too.

    So now this adds to my pirata mamma mia I got yesterday and my sandy hoodie I got last week............oh and the HUGE order I placed w/macys.com that shipped today!!

    Macys.com order (which was 20% off) = 4 portatelefonos & 4 zuccas (pirata and lamore prints) which are all going back (except for 1 lamore portatelefono) unfortunately cuz I got confused. The bag I thought I wanted was zucca but turns out it was the mamma mia - oops.

    Oh and forgot I preordered a bunch of stuff at Pulse in the Spiaggia print - ciao, denaro, portatelefono & zucca. But I think I'm just gonna get that print in the ciao and denaro. BTW, they are not making that print in mamma mias and bellas!!!

    HOLY COW! I went Toki crazy!! Oh and it's not over yet..........going to Vegas tomorrow and sure I will shop for more!
  2. OK, now that's just nuts. I feel bad for buying one stinking Gioco at Hawaii retail price..and you bought like a truckload of stuff. LOL.
  3. Hey JessakaMitz. I know that Macy's doesn't ship to Hawaii, but they do to Alaska. I'm contemplating ordering a gioco because I decided I could always us another duffle-like bag for work. If I do order, I can order something for you and ship it to you later too? I have a coupon code linked to my account so it would be cheaper than mainland retail.
  4. I was at Beverly Center today! I wonder if I saw you? great haul!!
  5. this whole time i thought those specks were lint balls!! phew!
  6. I was there around 10:45am - 12:15pm. These two older ladies got hurt on the escaltor at Macy's. They were bleeding and everything, it was bad, the paramedics came. I feld bad for them, it ripped one ladys jeans...........they were stuck in there! FREAKY!!

    I was in Up Against The Wall, Macy's and LeSportSac - shopping for Toki, of course!
  7. Whiskers, that sounds cool :biggrin: idk though..I have to wait until after Spiaggia..haha and I'm thinking I should get a portatelefono or caramella or umm a small bag after or something :biggrin:
  8. Wow! Thats alot of tokis! but congrats on them all!
  9. no prob. Just let me know. But the coupon expires April 30.
  10. great haul!!
  11. I wish I could spend like that! But 20% off isn't good enough for me...:push:
  12. :heart:I love the Momobella/Adios shirt! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!:heart:
  13. I like the ribcage shirt. Reminds me of human anatomy.
  14. Can you post a pic of your lamore bella?
  15. SO if they aren't make the bella and mamma mia next print, does that mean we get the new bag styles?