I bought Montorgueil!

  1. Bad news- no news on weekender... still waiting.

    Good news- I bought Montorgueil GM!!! The design and shape is very similar to Epi Bowly GM. Instead of round handles, Montorgueil has slightly long and flat cowhide straps. The two sides are pleated and the bag features LV speedy signature zipper and lock. Unlike Neverful, the gold brass are thick and round. For its price, it is a must-have for everyday tote!

    Eva is also selling in store. Comparing with Sophie, Eva is slightly shorter horizontally but with a thicker base. I used to have difficulties zipping up Sophie after putting in my Compact wallet but with Eva, it is much easier. You can say that Eva is an improved version of Sophie. The gold chain remains the same but the long cowhide strap is slightly thicker than Sophie.

    I am getting Eva tomorrow. This sounds silly but I do feel guilty splurging on 2 LV items in a day, so I spaced out.

    Anyone managed to get Weekender?
    DSC08713.JPG DSC08712.JPG DSC08710.JPG DSC08711.JPG DSC08702.JPG
  2. Yay congrats, it looks like such a nice every day bag !
  3. What size is this? It looks nice btw. I can't wait to see pics of the Eva too
  4. nice, congrats!
  5. Love your new montorgueil, congrats!

    does anyone know if the eva has been released in the US yet?
  6. It looks great.
  7. Congrats !! It's Gorgeous!!! Can You Please Post A Pic Of The Inside???tia
  8. B E A UTIFUL! haha
  9. oh congrats...now I've seen it i changed my mind about it...it's very beautiful!!!
    wear her in the best of health
  10. congrats! thanks for pointing out the sides are pleated!
    cannot wait to see your eva ... lol why must u space out the purchase :p
  11. very nice, congrats! can't wait to see your Eva!
  12. very pretty!!!
  13. So pretty!!!! Thank you for the pics and congrats on your new bag!
  14. That's really pretty!!!!!!!
  15. Love it! Congrats!!