I bought mini pochette in azur and have a question.

  1. Guys,please,tell me---will i look stupid if i will use it sometimes as a bag for going out--you know,just cell phone inside and few cards,because it is so tiny,but very very cute!!! I love it very much,but i guess it is not supposed to be used like a bag,thats why i am asking you ---i am 5,7,120 lbs,and it looks really tiny on me---do you think it is ok???Thank you
  2. If you use it as a clutch I think it'll be fine!
  3. I have it and have used it as a evening bag for just a few things.
  4. i would not use it as an everyday bag, but rather for going out night.
  5. Of course you can use it....I have! It's a great little bag. I would never stuff it inside one of my bags...poor thing needs some love!
  6. That's exactly what I bought mine for. Haven't taken it out of its box though.
  7. I use it as an evening bag and love love love it, and have no probs doing so. I think that is that is what you want to do then do it!!!!:yes::yes::yes:
  8. yes...it would look really nice :smile:
  9. :yes: :yes: I agree, just don't hold it by the chain, just kinda carry it in the palm of your hand..know what I mean? I have it too, but I haven't used it out, just as a makeup bag in my bigger bags.
  10. I think it would look great as a clutch.
  11. I agree. It's way too small as an everyday bag.
  12. I have one and I use it as a clutch for the evenings. I don't use as a shoulder bag since it looks ridiculous on me. Instead, I link the gold chain to one side and use it as a wristlet/clutch. It's really cute!
  13. I don't have that bag but I have friends that do and they use it as an evening bag. I think it's cute.
  14. I think it's perfect for an evening bag! I like that it has different uses. Makes it an even better purchase!
  15. you can carry it as a wristlet.