I bought it!!

  1. I got the mandarin petite noe from ebay!! This has been my dream bag since I saw it IRL on a girl at Ikea a couple months ago. I'm waiting for Paypal to give me my credit card authorization number and then she'll be mine! I'll post pics once i get it! :yahoo: :wlae: :jammin: Thanks Irene for helping me authenticate it!
  2. mmmmm... Mandrin is hott. Congrats!
  3. ooops, double post.
  4. Congrats!!! I cant wait to see pics when it arrives at its new home!
  5. congrats..
  6. I love the Petite Noe in mandarine. Excellent choice!!
  7. YOu GOT IT!!!! right freaking on, I'm sooooo happy for you, you've been wanting this soooo bad. I've been using my Mandarin Large Noe for the past 3 days and love love love her.... I'm so happy for you, YEA! Mandarin Noe club... I need to post pics of mine too, can't wait to see yours cutiepie!
  8. CONGRATS!!!!! Mandarin is a gorgeous colour
  9. congrats!!! Please post pics when it arrives!!!
  10. I am doing a happy dance with you!!!:wlae: Welcome to Club Noe!!!;)
  11. yay, congrats! can't wait for pictures!!
  12. Congratulations...You will love the color.