"I bought her a Chloe purse, isn't that enough?" ~ Jim Carey

  1. Just watched a story on Access Hollywood. When Jim Carey was questioned about buying Jenny McCarthy a ring, he said....

    "I bought her a Chloe purse, isn't that enough?"

    Heck yeah it's enough!!!!:roflmfao:
  2. That's just shows you any guy (even one with big buck like JC) cringes over the price of purses these days!!

    But your right ecmd7 (btw are you an M.D.?) Chloe's are worth it!!!!!!
  3. Lol
  4. susieserb, I wish I was an MD! I'm from Maryland and the ec stands for the town I'm from, and the 7 is my birth date. I need to come up with a cute purse name for tPF. LOL
  5. I saw him on The Insider and he also said that women love 2 things - Tatoos on men and Chloe bags!!!
    I was hysterical because HE'S RIGHT!!
  6. He is so funny. I wonder which one it was. I've seen her photographed with a taupe large pocket paddy and a bracelet bag.

  7. Wait?? I thought it was the medium taupe pocket Paddy...I'll wrestle you over who's right!:roflmfao:
  8. I'm sure he can afford it! ;)
  9. Hahahah, because of that, more people are going to want to buy Chloés!!!
  10. I saw that episode last night too ... at least JC knows what a Chloe is! LOL
  11. That's wicked awesome. I put a photo of them together, her with a Chloe' Bracelet Bag, on my blog a while back. :smile:
  12. Omigod! I saw that and i wanted to run to PF and post about it. Thanks!
  13. It's funny that even though he makes bazillions of dollars a year, he still thinks a chloe handbag is expensive!
  14. That is hilarious!!!!
  15. How funny! I hope he bought her more than one! Jim Carrey scares me - the way he contorts his face - creepy!