I bought Gold Dentelle Speedy!! but....


What to do?

  1. Keep this speedy

  2. Let it go

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  1. Finally I bought the GOLD speedy!! :yahoo:
    SA told me that Gold speedy only 4 pieces come to Australia which is start available today!!:graucho:

    But.... I am not sure if I am right thing to buy this speedy?:confused1:

    This is my first time to have 'speedy' in my collection. Despite I read a lots form that a lots people don't like Dentelle line.

    Do I have to keep this or exchange something else?:shrugs:

    I would love to hears yours bad or good comments!:flowers:
  2. just plain bag without the accessories
    Dentelle Speedy - NO Flash.jpg Dentelle Speedy - Flash.jpg
  3. here with accesories;
    - Leopard Monogram scarf
    - Brown Jack and Lucie keyring
    Dentelle Speedy - Jack and Lucie keyring.jpg Dentelle Speedy - leopard scarf.jpg
  4. I like it. Keep it if you like it. Who cares if no one else likes it. Just remember, if one day you do decide that you don't like it, you will not lose money on it.
  5. oooo it looks cute with the scarf of it
  6. keep it keep it keep it!!!!!!!! Wow it looks great in these pics!!!!!!!!!!!! Mine will be here tomorrow WOOHOO
  7. i say keep it.. i think its cute and i haent even seen one IRL.. keep it then later if u dont like it sell it on eBay or something
  8. Wow congratulations.
  9. First of all, congrats on your new bag! :yahoo: Secondly, well I don't know whether or not you should keep it because I am not a real big fan of Dentelle :sweatdrop: but it's a very unique bag indeed.
  10. I think, well it's my impression at least, that many may not like the dentelle who have not seen it..? At least pictures do no justice to the shine and sparcle of the gold and silver embrodery.

    I think you should keep it, especially if you have no other speedy. It's a tuly unique piece, but still is classic like any monogram c. line. And especially if there are only 4 in australia. :graucho:
  11. hmm... I keep looking for form to obtain more about Dentelle information however I know that seasonal stuff

    but sometimes I don't belive if my SA said that 'Gold' has 4 bag in Australia

    so I think is that will be more production in a few months due it 'seasonal' not as like 'Miroir' incident thing :shrugs:

    does anyone know about more Dentelle information??
  12. thank you everyone compliments :love:

    I will try post myself in modelling with this bag on this weekend

    any suggestion what kind I should wearing?
    that you would like to see 'IRL'!! :yes:
  13. keep it! it looks absolutely amazing! :yahoo:
  14. :yes:thats what my SA said, its like the Grooms, should be around for a few months....
  15. Ok my SA said when I went to pick up my gold speedy that it was seasonal, will be around a few months and that they only got a few gold speedies in and more silver speedies. I asked if less gold speedies were made and he said no, they just shipped more silver ones first and more gold ones later.

    I had both in hand at the store 2 days ago and could have had either. I chose neither and explained why in this long post:
    The canvas was really uneven due to the stitching, there was too much going on and the hardware was orangey-gold which didn't compliment the gold stitching. I also didn't like the white painted bits underneath, like dotted lines... so personally I think Dentelle looks lovely in pictures and less so irl.
    If you're not sure, let it go, if you love it, keep it :smile: