I bought foundation and eyeshadow..Now I need the rest...HELP!!

  1. Hey guys...I posted a few weeks (maybe a month??) ago about makeup tips and you guys gave me some really great answers! I went shopping for makeup yesterday, and I was able to leave the store with foundation, sponges, and eyeshaddow before Julia had a meltdown! :shame:

    So while she was napping, I got to work and started trying it out...I think I did pretty good! I really have no clue about this stuff :p

    The foundation I have is:
    Loreal Perfect Match in color Apricot Ivory

    Julia started freaking out while I was looking at eyeshaddows, so I just grabbed one and ran to pay! I ended up getting Rimmel's Color Rush Trio in Fever. It's kinda of pinkey / Purpley, but I don't think it stands out too much and those are the colors that always looked best on me.

    Now I need the rest :biggrin: I think I need eyeliner..My face looks empty without it, rofl!!

    And I also need lipgloss (or lipstick???) and blush.

    Throw your recommendations at me!

    Also, I tried mascara + eyelash curler again, and it worked well :tup: I'm using Chanel Inimitable in Nior Black.

    What other tips do you guys have that would pretty up my face?? Excuse my hair and my shirt...I have had a rough day and didn't feel like getting dressed up just to take one picture! lol

    So far I'm pretty satisfied with myself! lol :yes:

    Here's my face:


    ok...after uploading the photo the colors look much more extreme than they are...But I gues that's because of the flash?? 2nd photo is without flash and is much closer to actual skin color, lol

    and also, here's a picture I took of my eye...I'm unsure about the mascara. I see girls who have these LONG BEAUTIFUL separated lashes...how do I get that effect? Or do mine look ok?

  2. you might need a little concealer for your undereyes. not to much.

    dab some in the inner corners and gently pat and smooth under your eyes.

    You have a nice skin tone and I would definitely recommend blush to highlight your cheek bones. try something peachy or pink
  3. You look pretty, Lami!! I must start a thread like yours too. I *never* wear makeup so I thought I must start by buying some staples.
  4. Okies, thanks! Even with makeup I'm looking quite tired :p haha
  5. ROFL, thank you! :smile: I've just been so fed up with myself lately...I feel like a frumpy old housewife, even though I'm only 22!!! lol
  6. Your skin is very pretty! How many coats of mascara did you use?
  7. Just one, and I put it on very lightly because I was scared I was gonna poke myself in the eye!
  8. If you want to create the illusion of super-long lashes, try another coat of mascara. it'll also bring your eyes out a bit more. :flowers: you might also want to get a blush, I hear good things about Nars Orgasm, but the brand isn't available here so I haven't tried it myself yet. Eye liner isn't really necessary for an everyday look, IMO, but if you want to get one and teach yourself how to apply it, then do. If you don't want anything too dramatic, you can try a brown/chocolatey shade instead of black :flowers:

    you look nice, btw! :flowers:
  9. you have beautiful skin! and you've done a great job so far. i recommend blush too---something light and just a little. more coats of mascara! sometimes one of those little eyelash combs is helpful to comb out clumps and separate--comb before dry!

    for lipgloss try rimmel in the little tubes or L'Oreal in the tubes.

    are your eyes blue? is so, neutral and gold shadows will really make the blue pop. i would recommend a browm eyeliner w/ these shades.

    i would got easy on the concealer--don't want to be too cakey.
  10. You look really beautiful in the first picture! :flowers:

    My HG mascara is Chanel Inimitable. I love it!! With this mascara, you can do more than one coat. Your lashes are a light color, so you can try doing a second coat of mascara to pull your lashes up more and give it some extra "oomph". :amuse:

    I use black eyeliner since my lashes are black so I can't really suggest a good brown eyeliner. Maybe someone else can recommend a good one for you. When you do get a liner, line the top lid very close to the eyelashes and it will really open up your eyes. Another thing you can do to make your eyes look less tired, is use a white eyeliner such as benefit mr. frosty. You can line your entire waterline (I don't recommend this, it irritates eyes sometimes) or do the much easier method. Line the inner rims of your eyes with a white/pearly colored pencil and it will give your eyes a POP. Whenever I look tired I just do this and it makes me look like I got my 8 hours of sleep. :amuse:

    For blush, I recommend NARS blush compacts. I know there are a lot of fans on tPF that will recommend this too. My favorite shades are Orgasm and Outlaw. (Orgasm is a peachy pink with shimmer and Outlaw is just a rosier pink) It's very subtle and gives you a healthy looking glow to your skin and it will compliment your cheekbones.

    You have to try out Chanel glossimers lip gloss or Chanel rouge double intensite. The rouge intensite is lipstick on one side with a gloss on the other side.
  11. oh, i forgot--eyeliner--revlon colorstay. you are looking for drugstore brands? if i remember from your 1st thread?
  12. Ah, doesn't really matter :smile: I'm just not ready to spend 80€ on something small, rofl :smile:
  13. Thanks guys...I've read good things about Nars Orgasm...I'll see if I can hunt some down in Germany ;)
  14. Hope you find your products! :flowers:
  15. Your eyes are soooooooo pretty and your skin is perfect!!!! :girlsigh:

    To add a little more color I'd recommend:

    -Smashbox soft fusion lights. You can put it on eyes or cheeks and I think the colors would be fantastic for you!
    -A soft brown or bronze liner. I think Bourjois Metallic liner in Brun Inoxydable would look great.
    -A shimmery white crayon (or shadow works too) for the inner corner of the eye makes a huge difference. I like Lancome Crayon Glisse in white but they don't make it anymore. This one is made by Benefit. They also make a gold one that would look good on you.
    -A neutral lipgloss... My favorite is Chanel Glossimer in Sundress-- a nude peach with a little bit of gold shimmer.