I bought EVA

  1. If you happen to read " I bought Montorgueil" yesterday, this is part 2:

    I bought EVA today and used it instantly with Montorgueil. My bf said I was "over the top" carrying 2 bags. LOL.... Regardless, I received many compliments on both bags, particularly EVA. Another must-buy!

    Some pics to share!
    eva1.jpg eva2.JPG eva5.JPG eva3.JPG eva4.JPG
  2. Very cute bag!
  3. Very nice! congrats on your new purchase!
  4. that's adorable!
  5. Yay congrats, it's such a cute bag !

    And what do BFs know about bags anyways ? :graucho:
  6. Congrats on both your new bags! very nice...
  7. I absolutely agree! As long as he does not stop me from buying, his remarks can't hurt.
  8. congrat... very nice purchase...
  9. Such a pretty bag. I need one for me!!!

    I wonder...how much does t retail for where you are? I thought the price was going to be around US$480 but here where I am it's approx US$565...so i'm a bit surprised - usually the price difference isn't this high!

    Congrats! Both your new bags are lovely.
  10. i love it!!! congrats!
  11. Mine is $810 in sing dollars. This is slightly more expensive than the Sophie that I bought when I was in Japan.

    Is it the tax that cause such high price?
  12. I LVoe the Eva !!!
    It's soooo adorable, like a mini-Montorgueil !!!!
    I was unhappy that I couldn't get the Sophie, but LV has now redeemed itself for those of us outside of the Asian market !!!

    Congrats on both of your new bags, you are incredibly lucky, and your photos are great !!!!!!!!!
  13. Congrats ... I bought mine today together with a MONTORGUEIL GM and a gold miroir cosmetic pouch. Had to hide them from my bf... Don know when I could take them out... sighhhh ....

  14. Thanks for such a quick reply. I'm in Thailand - our prices are pretty much the same.

    I want one now!! :hysteric:

    By the way, would you be able to give me a rough dimension? Fortunately I have the exact same phone as you so I can pretty much guess but I'd still like to know what else I can fit in. I don't normally buy such a tiny bag so I'm still questioning its practicality. But I absolutely love it though!
  15. Very cute bag!! I love it, congrats!