I bought clinique's eyelash primer, and it is soooo excellent!

  1. Makes my eyelashes so much thicker and longer, perfect for applying my regular mascara over :yes:
  2. Cool! Sounds like something I could use. Is it safe for contact-lens wearing moles like myself?
  3. I think so, it doesn't say on the box not to use it if you wear contacts :smile:
  4. i have used other eyelash primers - guess it's worth a try. thanks.
  5. how much is it?!
  6. I have that too. I love it. The esthecian (sp?) told me it was safe for contact users. It's $12.50 on Clinique.com.
  7. Origins also a really good primer...underwear for eyes...LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT
  8. I got a sample eyelash primer from smashbox and it rocks! I'll keep the others in mind for next time. Thanks!
  9. Does this make your eyelashes grow faster,or it just lets the mascara last longer?
  10. I've tried primers before and have experienced several issues:
    1) I find it hard to cover all the stark white with my black mascara and then I look like a zebra.
    2) The mascara clups up from over applying it while trying to cover the white!

    Does anyone else have these issues? I seem to have better luck cocktailing mascaras than using the white primers.
  11. The clinique primer is white when u put it on, but after a min, it turns clear. Its awesome!
  12. sound cool! i'll keep in mind for later purchase ;)
  13. I use Lancome's and Chanel's but neither really have been making much difference. Lancome is really think and Chanel is so thin it barely covers your eyelashes.
  14. No way........I'm going to get some and try it!
  15. makes me want to try it now.