I bought camera but it never show up

  1. Ladies....I'm a new ebayer..as noe in TPF, this is my first thread anyway:smile:

    Im confused because I bought this nice camera almost a month ago and feel like it never arrive!I contact the seller but he never reply, then I realized that he is not a registered ebay user anymore!!!!
    i don't know what should I do..coz Ive paid him $300!and i dont want to pay for nothing...!
    i contact paypal, but it said that they would be able to refund me $200, before subtracted by $25 for processing fee...
    is there any better solution for me?
    thx btw..

    hate this!never gonna buy from ebay again!
  2. Contact your credit card company and see if there's something that they can do.
  3. Did you pay by credit card on PayPal? If you did, contact your credit card company and they will reverse the charge.
  4. ow..ok..
    i'll try to ask them then..thx babelic n love,bags:smile:
  5. if you paid by credit card.. call and ask for a non receipt chargeback.. if you paid by paypal, file a dispute
  6. well, actually i pay with my debit card by paypal...so I'll try to call my bank, hope I can get my money back...
  7. I just called my bank, and the girl there told me that they will mail me a letter, and i have to fill that out. Is that so?well, this is my first time to file a dispute.
    I really really hate that seller...gosh..!!!never gonna buy from ebay anymore!