I bought another patent bag today ....

  1. I stopped by coach today to see the new stuff and walked out with this baby >>> I love patent - this is my 3rd. I also have the hobo in black patent and the tote in red patent.

  2. cute!!!!!!!! I'm a patent addict as well
    LIBlue and I have a support group, you should join too :yes:
  3. That's purty!!! Somebody likes patent! ;)
  4. I'm in ....:tup:
  5. That is one stunning Bag. I see that you like patent alot! Enjoy. Congrats!!!
  6. Very pretty! Don't you love how roomy that bag is? Have fun!
  7. so cute
  8. Congrats on your newest addition. I fondled the red hobo today at the store - what a pretty color.
  9. Congrats! It is GORGEOUS! It looks FAB with your watch, too!!
    I saw a Red Patent Hobo today for the first time IRL....WOW!!! I watched that woman (well, her PURSE) walk all the way till it was out of sight. She must've thought I was crazy or gay or something! HA!!:nuts: I couldn't help myself - that is one gorgeous bag!!! Too bad (or GOOD) I can't afford another $250+ purchase right now. LOL!
  10. Very cool! I ordered the red patent tote today - can't wait to get it!!

    I like the white a lot too!!!
  11. Jealous! Ok you ladies with 3+ patents...share the wealth for us schmucks without one! Just kidding...they are FAB bags!
    Hey bark, what kind of watch is that you are wearing? I LOVE white watches!
  12. gorgeous love it in the white congrats!
  13. Woo-hoo! That bag is hot!! Please let us know how it holds up. I'm scared that it might yellow. But I love, love, love the black!
  14. Congrats!
  15. Gorgeous!!!!! I'm totally jealous! I want patent bags too *pout* Congrats on your lovely patent family.