I bought another Chanel ! Have a look ...

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  1. What do you think ? I'm also on the list for the leather Coco Cabas which i should have in a day or two .
    Picture019.jpg Picture018.jpg Picture017.jpg Picture016.jpg Picture015.jpg
  2. i can't see the pictures.
  3. Classic flaps are always beautiful!
    You're on a roll!
  4. Beautiful! Congrats! I can't wait to see the other bag.
  5. its georgeous!! lambskin is it? what size is that? i love how it looks you!
  6. I'm a moron . I fixed it . i almost bought the Diamond Shine , has anyone seen that ? It's nice .
  7. It's caviar w/ silver . I look really bad today , I'm about to take a shower . Luckily the chanel in the mall is right next to the exit so I can get in and out of there w/ no one seeing me ! I look like the unibomber w/ my baseball hat , sunglasses and ratty hair ! LOL .
  8. i love it!!!!!uh oh. you have the Chanel bug too?
  9. It's beautiful Sophia! Timeless too!

    I heard about the Diamond Shine but haven't seen it...does anyone have pics?

    Is the Diamond Shine a special treatment to the leather Sophia?
  10. Lovely! Can't wait to see the next one!
  11. its the black with white HW? awesome!!!
  12. love it. love caviar congrats
  13. haha i think you look fine! besides, i think its nice that you dont have to always be wearing something ULTRA formal to be carrying a chanel. makes it so much more young and versatile - i love it :love: :love: :love: !

    definitely a keeper! congrats! i think i want this bag for my second chanel...but maybe lambskin..but its so fragile!!! how tall are you cuz i cant decide on size!
  14. I'm 5'11 .
  15. Yes , it is really pretty . The one they have is black caviar but it is treated to look like patent leather . It's not stiff like patent though , it's very soft . It has the turn closure like the reissues , lined in black lambskin , and has the weaving thru the chain .

    It is quite gorgeous . I was going back and forth between the two . If I wasn't already getting the Coco I would've bought both .