I bought ANOTHER Ali....

  1. But I don't know what color it is...

    It was poorly listed on eBay and I think it's Natural but I just thought I would ask some experts!!


  2. I agree, I'll go with natural.:yes:
  3. That's a Natural Ali. What a beautiful Bag! Enjoy and Congrats on your find!
  4. That also looks like natural to me. If the creed patch on the inside is white then it's definately natural. Lucky you! It's a great color and I love the Ali!
  5. oh yes, it is NATURAL and you will LOVE it!!!! I like to describe it as a rich caramel color. I love mine!!!
  6. Okay... I see now why there is a support group for all you Ali lovers :smile:

  7. If the creed patch is white, it's a natural Ali :yes:
  8. Looks like it's in great shape, congrats!!!
  9. very nice find! :tup:
  10. It is sooooo gorgeous! love it!